Kim Kardashian tried on an unusual necklace. It is "sewn" under the skin

Kim is a big fan of experimenting. She recently surprised her subscribers great by showing them in Stories a strange piece that seemed to be implanted under the skin. “My necklace is moving to the rhythm of my heartbeat,” Kimi commented, adding that it also glows in the dark. It looks pretty scary, and at first it may seem that the star of the reality show really took its cue from Lady Gaga and ventured to put the implant, but this, of course, is not so. Kim just decided to support his long-time friend, a businessman and owner of the Command PR agency Simon Heck, who announced the launch of an experimental line of jewelry A. Human.

“If it would be as easy to change the body as to change clothes, the appearance would cease to matter or, on the contrary, would it all mean? We represent A. Human - a fashion brand from the future, where self-expression is not determined by what you wear on the body, but by how you change it, ”the official website says.Simon is confident that the future is in the modification of his own body, and friends, including Chrissie Teigen, model Andrea Pezic and actor Tan France, who also tried on unusual accessories, help him bring it to the public.

And would you risk to appear in such?

Publication from Kim Kardashian Snapchats ???? (@kimkardashiansnap)Aug 27, 2018 at 9:55 am PDT

Publication from T A N.

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