Kim Kardashian is rapidly growing tummy

And recently, she and Kanye West announced that they were planning to have a fourth child.

All summer, Kim showed her Instagram subscribers a video of her intense workouts, and in the last days of July she boasted that she had finally lost weight. "Now I weigh 119 pounds (53 kg) - without hair extensions, of course," she said. And she showed her figure in a tight top and tight latex pants. Kardashian looked like a reed: an absolutely flat stomach, slender legs, thin but at the same time embossed shoulders ...

But at one of the latest events, Kim in a pink tight-fitting dress flashed ... a suddenly grown tummy.

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Getty Images

“But such clothes, on the contrary, should make the figure go down,” fans of the teledives thought logically. And suggested that the star may be pregnant. Moreover, a celebrity has repeatedly said that she dreams of a large family. And recently, insiders reported that the couple still decided on the fourth child.

But Kim again plans to use the services of a surrogate mother. And, perhaps, the same that gave birth to her daughter Chicago. Due to the fact that Kim had two first pregnancies with complications, Kardashian no longer wants to give birth. So Kim's sudden extra pounds have other reasons - maybe high-calorie food or elementary laziness.

Recall, just Kim and Kanye now have three children: sarshaya daughter North, two-year-old baby Saint and Chicago, which was born in January. For the "full set" the star couple wants another boy.

At the same time on the fourth child, Kim plans to still stop. “I don’t think I can handle a lot of children,” said the star. - My time is not rubber. And I think that it is important that in a family a woman gives her husband as much attention as children. ”

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