Kim Kardashian earns for the post on Instagram more than the US President for the year

For some, Instagram is a photo of delicious breakfasts and beautiful sunsets. But not for Kim Kardashian. According to a report prepared by the STAT web portal, one Instagram post brought Kim more than the US president earns a year.

The contract that Kim concluded with the pharmaceutical company Duchesnay USA in 2015 got at the disposal of STAT journalists. Under the terms of the contract, for one publication on the social network with the company's products, the star of the reality show was owed half a million dollars. Yes, yes, one post advertising pills for toxicosis during pregnancy, and Kim gets his $ 500,000, while the annual salary of the US president is $ 400,000.

However, "happiness" did not last long. The ubiquitous Food and Drug Administration accused Duchesnay USA of placing such advertisements illegally, since Kim "forgot" to warn subscribers about the risks associated with taking the drug.And although the publication had to be removed, Kim managed to work out her fee: millions of views over the course of several days brought the desired result to the pharmaceutical company, namely an increase in profits from the sale of the drug by about 20%.

Of course, more than productive cooperation between Duchesnay and Kardashian continues today. Only this time, Kim does not forget anything: under the photo with a jar of new pills from toxemia, in addition to laudatory reviews, a long instruction is attached with contraindications and side effects.

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