Kim Kardashian admitted that she increased the buttocks

Kim Kardashian has such outstanding forms that, it seems, she will always fight off plastic questions and insist that the figure is a gift of nature. Surgical intervention spouse Kanye West still denies, but suddenly admitted that her buttocks have increased ... because of injections of cortisone, which she does not for the sake of beauty, but ... because of annoying psoriasis spots on the thighs. “I prick cortisone, it helps smooth the skin,” said Kim. - I was advised by a neighbor, a dermatologist from the clinic Cedars-Sinai. He immediately warned me about the risk that the buttocks may increase in size. And so it happened. ” "Dents" have not yet disappeared, so Kim has to continue the procedure. “I don't want to hide it anymore,” she said. "It seems to me for a long time already that everyone around knows this.

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