Keep calm

Keep calmYou should almost always be calm.

Good manners imply respect for the wishes and needs of others, but they do not mean that you give up your own thoughts and feelings. No one will force you to abandon the idea that partners intentionally delay shipment in order to achieve more favorable conditions. No one will relieve you from the feeling of bitterness when the person whom you considered to be the best friend strikes in the back.


Man is not a car and can not get rid of emotions. But he is able to control his attitude to what is happening.


Before succumbing to feelings and performing rash (and sometimes irreparable) actions, make sure that your reaction is adequate.


1 Be more flexible, do not think that everything should be your way.


Of course, it is easy to give such advice, but to apply ... In order to be more flexible about what is happening, you will have to change your reaction to the behavior of others, and this requires a lot of effort. The first tip is simpler, so let's start with it.


Your boss decided that you were to blame for the failure of the contract with the British company.It doesn’t matter that you had to organize a reception for a representative alone in a matter of hours, since your boss forgot to warn you about his visit. It does not matter that your boss called the company director when it was three in the morning in London. It doesn’t matter that your boss insulted a company representative by sticking his business card in his pocket and not even looking at it. Forget it all. Your boss blames you for what happened.


There are difficult moments in life, and this is one of them. You are so angry that you are ready to go to the boss and tell him everything you think about him. Yes, you want to go to his office and give vent to feelings. And if it does not work, strangle it with your own hands.


Unfortunately, this can not be done, because he is your boss and because you go to prison, you lose a good job, and you, after all, have three children. In the end, it's also because you respect yourself and others. Respect for yourself will not allow you to be like a boss, and respect for others will help not to lose a human face even in such a difficult situation. In the end, even if your boss is an idiot, the world is not wedged on.If you analyzed your actions and came to the conclusion that you are objectively not guilty of anything, then your conscience is clear, and this is the main thing.


Anton easily succumbed to stress. It was necessary to accumulate cases, as Anton lost, could not separate the main from the secondary, grabbed all the cases at the same time and confused subordinates. Worst of all, in such a state, Anton was getting winded up and started screaming at the staff about and without reason. As a result, the department developed a nervous, unhealthy situation. Anton's boss noticed this and sent Anton to the therapist.


So what to do if you have been treated unfairly or are you so upset that you do not know how to live until tomorrow?


When the stress reaches a critical level, remember respect for yourself and others.


If you respect yourself, you will speak and do only the best that you could say and do; you will carefully consider the current situation and react adequately, and not climb the wall. If you respect others, you will speak and do only what others will respond positively. Do it so that your actions and words awaken the best feelings in others, not the worst.


Sometimes your actions are incomprehensible to others, because they have their own feelings, thoughts and ideas about what is right and what is not. Remember this when doing certain things. You want to be understood correctly - explain.


For a manager, respect for subordinates is especially important. The work of a manager implies an assessment of the actions of employees, therefore he always has a reason to sabotage his bad mood on someone. Do not allow the discharge of duties to become a settling account.


Useful tips that will help you.


In order not to break, use the following tips.


Look away and count to ten. Can be repeated several times.


Drink a glass of water.


Imagine doing what you love.


If you don't get away from an unpleasant person, imagine him as a ridiculous clown, cockroach, etc. (your choice).


Remember that in four hours you will be at home.


Jump on the spot 20-30 times.


Promise yourself to write it all at your leisure and to pro- [analyze to avoid this situation in the future.

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