Kate Hudson shared her perfect tea recipe

Kate Hudson turned out to be a real connoisseur of tea. The actress knows how to drink this drink, and even revealed the secret of the perfect recipe.
Tea Cooking Recipes
Tea Cooking Recipes
Photo: Spalsh news

Kate Hudson shared the secret of how to brew tea. The actress believes that revealed the formula of the ideal drink. The tea recipe from Kate Hudson is unusual, but quite simple. The actress proposes to take two bags of the Earl Gray variety, add two spoons of sugar and mix with the beaten milk. With this recipe, Kate Hudson challenges her fiance Matt Ballemy, who, as a true Englishman, considers himself a connoisseur of tea.

“I make excellent tea. Many years ago an Englishman shared this recipe with me. My tea is much tastier than the one Matt makes. It’s great, I’ll challenge anyone who doesn’t appreciate this recipe, ”the actress said.

Celebrities often share recipes for their favorite dishes and features of their preparation.So, Ksenia Borodina is also a fan of hot drink.

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