Kar-Karych from Smesharikov

Hello, dear visitors. Currently, the characters of the very famous Russian cartoon series “Smeshariki” are very popular, and each of them is very attractive in its own way. Toys in the form of the characters of this cartoon are often found in stores where we sometimes go along with the children. And the children, seeing such beauty, begin to ask us to buy them. But what if there is not enough money to buy? You can save money, and you can stitch a very similar copy on your own if you find suitable materials and tools. I think Kar Karic has turned out very well. To make it, I needed to take: office paper in A4 size, scissors, threads of blue, pink, yellow and black colors, fabric of viscose blue, pink and yellow colors; black lacquer, one large bead, thin golden braid, reliable glue (for example, “Moment”), black fabric and threads, as well as a needle, filler (cotton wool), safety pins. Step 1.Taking up the craft, I cut a circle figure out of paper, which must be bent two times so that the figure has a center. After that, I measure and mark with a pencil the length and width:
KarKarych from Smesharikov
Step 2. Now I fold the sides of the circle in half, i.e., with the tips towards the middle, to make a paper pattern, in the shape of which four pieces of fabric should be cut out for Tailoring:
KarKarych from Smesharikov
Then again I fold the circle shape twice and cut off the upper side corners, after which I have such a sample:
KarKarych from Smesharikov
Step 3. Now we need to cut out paper samples for tailoring wings and tail of the toy, in accordance with the size of the torso sample. Then it will be possible to take the fabric and cut out the details according to the shapes of these samples, but with an indent of approximately 1.5 cm for stitching. Details for tailoring the torso and wings need to be cut out 4 pcs. Details for tailoring you need to cut only 2 pieces:
KarKarych from Smesharikov
Step 4.Next on the contours of paper samples I sew the details of the wings and tail, then I sew four parts of the trunk so that they form a circle shape. For sewing, you can use a special machine, or you can sew a toy manually, if desired, soul: KarKarych from Smesharikov
Step 5. We twist the sewn parts and fill them with cotton. If the shape of the trunk is uneven, it can be processed to correct the irregularity. After filling the parts with cotton I take up the manufacture of the eyes: it seems to me that for the base of the eyes (white "sclera") our toy can take a white plastic sheet or cardboard, and for the manufacture of eyelids, you can take a pink cloth. Pupils can be cut from a plastic sheet with black lacquer. Pink eyelids and black pupils need to be glued to the white eyes (sclera), after which the ready-made eyes will be attached to the hand-made article, using a good glue (for example, special 88-HT adhesive):
KarKarych from Smesharikov
Step 6. We "separate" in the bottom parts of the wings and tail with "stitches" with cotton wool,to make them "feathers":
KarKarych from Smesharikov
Step 7. Having made the details of the torso, eyes, tail and wings, I start sewing the beak. Here it will be impossible to sew on the trunk, it will not very comfortably. For the manufacture of the beak, it will be better to cut three parts for the manufacture of the front and rear sides. The front side should be divided into upper and lower parts, which then need to be sewn:
KarKarych from Smesharikov
Step 8. Sew the beak details, after which you will need to make paper samples of the paws of the toy and cut four parts of the paws from the pink fabric in pairs, then seam the seams :
KarKarych from Smesharikov
Step 9. Next, the sewn beak and legs must be turned to the "front" side:
KarKarych from Smesharikov
Step 10. We fill these parts with cotton wool and sew up holes left in them after entering the filler. Yellow or orange threads can optionally make seams on the front side of the beak, i.e.in the "gap" of the connection of its upper and lower parts.

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