Justin Theroux slept on the role of the series in the TV series "Friends"

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston could meet 20 years ago! In an interview with Porter Magazine, the actor unexpectedly admitted that ... he slept through the audition for his role in the TV series Friends, in which the woman of his dreams was shot. That morning, when the future spouse Jennifer Aniston was supposed to appear on the set and join the star team of the popular sitcom of the 90s, he was “not ready for fame”. “I just scored on the samples - I turned off the alarm and stayed in bed,” he said. "I certainly would not have coped with popularity."

Justin Theroux slept on the role of the series in the TV series "Friends"

Today, the star of the series "Abandoned" believes that the decision not to get out of bed was the right one. "I know how fame drives people crazy. Here we are with Jennifer is not relevant, we do not suffer from stellar illness, as many might think, "- said the 46-year-old actor.

However, it seems that Justin is a little cunning, because, despite his dislike of fame, he still did not refuse the actor’s career and, even 20 years later, he proposed to one of the most popular actresses.

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