Jude Law is going to marry for the second time.

The number of enviable bachelors of Hollywood is rapidly declining. Soon Jude Law, who is rumored to be willing to risk going into the same river twice, will no longer be considered as such: he was already married to actress Sadie Frost, and now he plans to offer his hand and heart to his present girlfriend, Ph.D. Philip Cohen. Jude and Philip began dating three years ago - and, according to the actor, he likes most of all that 32-year-old Cohen has nothing to do with social life: “People think that public figures belong to them. Over time, I learned the rules of this game, but Philip is mine and no one else, ”he said in an interview. - I am very happy and pleased that my girlfriend is a closed and non-public person. I think everything is so good for us precisely for this reason. ” According to sources, Lowe was captivated by the beauty and intelligence of Cohen and the fact that the girl already has three higher educations.

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