Jewelry Encyclopedia: amber

Amber, like pearls, is experiencing a second birth. Now the sun stone is in the favorites of the ever-young fashion, and heroes of street-style reviews, fashion bloggers and stars on the red carpet willingly wear it. He, amber, is dedicated to the new page of the SUNMAG jewelry encyclopedia.

Dossier on a familiar stranger

According to one of the versions, the word "amber" comes from the Lithuanian gintāras, which translates as "defender from diseases". By origin, it is a fossilized fossil resin of coniferous trees that grew on our planet millions of years ago. There are more than 250 types of amber of various colors: besides the usual orange-reddish-golden, there are also blue, blue, black, green and even colorless amber.

The largest amber deposit is located in Russia, near Kaliningrad. It produces almost 80% of the total amount of sun stone on the world market. Also there are large deposits of amber in Ukraine, Burma, Lebanon, Thailand, Mexico, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Beauty magic

In terms of alternative medicine, amber is a stone-healer. It normalizes the state of the thyroid gland, has an analgesic effect, has a beneficial effect on the heart, kidneys and intestines, improves metabolism. The powdered amber was also used as a detox agent.

The mystical vocation of amber is to be a talisman in love affairs, work and creativity, travels, in the days of waiting for a baby, to protect from the snares and machinations of ill-wishers. It is believed that amber improves the achievements of those involved in sports, science and commerce. This nugget makes its owner more successful in friendship, optimistic and self-confident, able to achieve goals.

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