Jeans mom - a new trend of the season (12 photos)

We have already repeatedly convinced that fashion is a cyclical concept, which every time brings us back to the past, however, always adding something new to it.

And this time, according to the designers and the majority of fashionable fashion bloggers, she made her next round, returning us to the not yet forgotten 90s of the last century, namely: the once popular mom jeans once again burst into women's wardrobe .

This summer and the coming autumn - this will be the real trend, the “must have” of the season, which every self-respecting fashionable woman should take care of in her own wardrobe.

What is it and what to wear with such sensational mom jeans? It is not at all difficult to determine the same style in the crowd: first of all, mom jeans are deliberately loose and even “relaxed” in cut, as well as high waist. If you put on mom-jeans and feel like you are a little confused for decades, then you are not mistaken with the choice.

This unique model quite successfully combinesat first glance, incompatible things: comfort due to the same free cut, as well as femininity, which is favorably emphasized due to the high waist on almost any female figures.

Due to this fact, the legs visually look longer, all the flaws of the figure are very well concealed, the waist becomes stressed, and the hips are rounded and seductive.

Of course, if you look at the photos of models that tried on the image of the 90s, at first glance it’s quite difficult to fall in love with the “mom” model, it’s not for nothing that they got this name, in fact, “mother’s jeans”.

A few decades ago, what happened to hide it happened: women, laden with worries and household chores, simply did not have time to follow fashion trends, were forced to dress in similar models.

The wave of a free cut was picked up by the heroes of the once popular TV series "Beverly Hills" and "Friends", after which the jeans mom for a long time settled on the tops of the cycles of fashion trends. And here they are again in trend!

What to wear?

What is the combination of such an unusual style, so as not to look like you just didn’t quite successfully explore your mother’s wardrobe? To not only feelI am comfortable myself, as demanded by modern fashion, but also to look beautiful, the main thing with mom jeans is not to be too smart.

The most classic combination is a snow-white fitted shirt tucked into pants or the same T-shirt, in this way you can easily learn from Merlin Monroe herself.

A more modern option is a denim jacket, again, a free cut and snow-white sneakers or sneakers. If you dream to stand out, take risks and combine loose jeans with studs, platforms, as well as cro-tops and riveted croissants - an extravagant, but at the same time, very fashionable image you are exactly provided.

You can buy such jeans in almost any popular online store, they gradually reach stores of the mass market, but as experts say, soon they will quite successfully push out such popular skinny. So, ladies, you have something to think about!

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