Japanese cosmetics: what means to pay attention

sets the fashion for flawless skin, first releases previously unseen beauty tools and advises useful life hacking. We will tell you about the basics of Japanese care and what cosmetic products you should try at least once in your life.

Basics of Japanese nursing

Two-phase purification.Japanese women, since ancient times, were anxious about cleansing the skin, because they believed that properly cleansed skin ages three times slower. They invented cleansing in two stages. The first thing the girl of the Land of the Rising Sun is removing make-up, using for this, as a rule, hydrophilic oil, then remove the remains of oil, as well as deep contamination with thick thick foam.

Total moisturizing.In the beauty traditions of Japan, very important role is played by means for moisturizing the skin, but girls in this country are not using simple cream, but prefer more perfect textures, such as whey, emulsion, essence, or any other concentrate.Recently, Japanese moisturizing lotions with hyaluronic acid are popular with Japanese women. They work much more efficiently than usual creams.

Cloth masks.It was in this country that the first fabric masks were invented. The geishas themselves before the important event to quickly put themselves in order, for 15 minutes superimposed on the face soaked in rose water (or any other useful composition) silk. You can fall in love with fabric masks at least for the fact that in some miraculous way nutrients penetrate much deeper, and the skin is transformed right before your eyes. This is an indispensable express means, when there is very little time for collection, and it is necessary to look like a full parade.

Oil - one love.Many are convinced that it is possible to use oils, but with extreme caution, because they increase the oily skin, destroy the lipid layer and clog the pores. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. Natural oils, even those that we use for cooking (olive, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, corn), contain a huge amount of amino acids, which not only soften and nourish the skin, but also prevent premature aging.Thanks to the regular use of natural oils, the skin of Japanese women, even in old age, is smooth and elastic. Favorite oils of Japanese women are camellia oil and squalene oil.

A minimum of cosmetics.Renowned Japanese cosmetologist Cheeku Saeki argues that cosmetics should be used in reasonable quantities and only if they are really needed. If your skin is perfect, you should not try to make it even more perfect using a foundation, if it is sufficiently moisturized, you do not need to “overfeed” with serums, if you are well cleansed, there is no need to go to a professional peeling in a beauty salon. The measure is important in everything, and if you follow it, then the skin will look great. Chizu also claims that once a week it is simply necessary to arrange skin “fasting days”, completely refusing to use any cosmetics (beauty and decorative). This method enhances the natural ability of the skin to heal itself.

Sun protection.Japanese women are ardent opponents of tanning. No self-respecting girl will go out until she has applied sunscreen from head to toe.And if you have been to Japan or watched films of this country, you may have noticed that most of the girls walk down the street in hats and with an umbrella.

TOP-7 Japanese cosmetics

Squalane Oil, Enhel Beauty

Squalane oil is the product that Japanese girls adore: they are ready to go almost everything for it. The beauty tool is perfect in all respects, multi-functional and has all the necessary properties for a comprehensive care. Squalane is an extract from the liver of deep-sea sharks, which is the most compatible with human skin, so absolutely everything can use the oil, even little children. Squalane Oil is able to solve almost any problem: to remove dry skin from flaking, saturate with moisture, fill wrinkles, reducing their depth and number, as quickly as possible tighten any wounds, relieve inflammation and irritation, mate the skin, soothe, reduce redness, protect from harmful effects ultraviolet light, lighten the pigmentation, restore the lipid layer. Japanese women also use squalane oil before applying any caring product, because squalane has a wonderful property to enhance the effect of other means.Do not be afraid, there will be no effect of stickiness and shine after using the oil.

Squalane Oil Squalane Oil, Enhel Beauty

Squalane Oil Squalane Oil, Enhel Beauty (5 500 rub.)

Gokujyun Oil Cleansing, Hada Labo

Hydrophilic oil from the Japanese brand is based on olive oil, so worry about the fact that after using it the skin will be overdried or irritated, you should not. The tool perfectly cleans the face of any cosmetic impurities, even washes away waterproof makeup, instantly makes the skin clean, soft, silky, moisturized and well-groomed. Hydrophilic oil leaves no traces (no streaks, heavy film, oily shine and stickiness), and due to the content of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E it smoothes wrinkles, prevents the appearance of new folds, improves skin tone and elasticity, and also forms a protective barrier. Most importantly, it is not necessary to flush out the remedy additionally, although it is still better to recall the two-phase purification stage preferred by Japanese women, and follow it in order to have less skin problems.

Hydrophilic oil Gokujyun Oil Cleansing, Hada Labo

Hydrophilic Gokujyun Oil Cleansing, Hada Labo (795 rub.)

Aqua Gel, Cure Natural

Appearing in Japan, this peeling gel managed to make a lot of noise all over the world! This is due to its amazing properties, as well as an impressive composition.Loving all natural Japanese as the main ingredients used extracts of aloe vera, rosemary, ginkgo biloba, as well as the "sixth" element - hydrogen-activated water, in which, in fact, is the whole wonderful effect. The gel has a pleasant texture and perfectly exfoliates dead cells, cleans pores and even flushes black dots. Regular use of the tool reduces the number of comedones by 4 times and normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands! In addition, due to self-renewal, the skin is significantly rejuvenated, it becomes smooth and elastic. Among other properties of the gel - the fight against inflammation, lightening pigmentation, reducing the severity of couperose, improving the complexion, toning and moisturizing the skin.

Peeling gel Aqua Gel, Cure Natural

Peeling gel Aqua Gel, Cure Natural (2 490 rub.)

Monthly Rhythm Smoothing Serum, Kanebo

Serum not only moisturizes the skin, but gently removes dead cells from the surface of the epidermis, thereby cleans and smooths the tone well. After the regular use of the product, the natural radiance returns, the pigmentation disappears, the traces of post-acne turn pale, the texture of the skin improves. The consistency of the serum reminds of tender milk, so it is recommended to apply it not with finger pads, as usual, but with a cotton pad.Best of all, the product works after a high-quality skin cleansing - so the active ingredient (needle root extract) penetrates the epidermis better and stimulates the regeneration and self-renewal of the skin.

Serum leveling skin tone, Monthly Rhythm Smoothing Serum, Kanebo

Serum, leveling skin tone, Monthly Rhythm Smoothing Serum, Kanebo (4 530 rub.)

Gentle Cleanser Nettoyant Doux, Shiseido iBUKI

Thick and dense foam - all, as the Japanese love. It is the ideal final stage of cleansing, after it the skin literally creaks from cleanliness, the pores are well "cleaned", while the natural level of moisture and the lipid barrier are not violated, and the cosmetics do not remain on the cotton pad and, what is very important, on the pillow, like it happens sometimes. The composition of the foam includes the patented PhytoResist complex, which in addition to cleansing returns skin tone, elasticity and prevents the appearance of early wrinkles. Also it should be noted antibacterial properties of the tool: careful removal of cosmetics and sebum prevents the appearance of black spots and acne.

Facial Wash Gentle Cleanser Nettoyant Doux, Shiseido iBUKI

Foam for washing Gentle Cleanser Nettoyant Doux, Shiseido iBUKI (2 849 rub.)

Pedicure socks SOSU

The action in the socks of SOSU is simple: after using them, the skin begins to gradually peel off, corns, cracks, scrapes and corns disappear, even the rough skin on the heels considerably softens.This effect is available due to the unique composition in which lactic acid, extracts of sage, lemon, burdock root, ivy stalk, soapwort leaves, glucose and castor oil are present. The ingredients penetrate the skin, start the process of regeneration and self-renewal, after which the old skin gradually disappears, being replaced by a new, soft and smooth skin. SOSU socks were not indifferent to anyone, and the Japanese women were also crazy about them, so their feet are always in perfect condition.

Pedicure socks SOSU

SOSU pedicure socks (1 079 rub.)

Face Mask White, Lululun

Refreshing tissue mask for the face, which contains glycerin, hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and B5. It is these components that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, return its tone, natural radiance and smoothness. Vitamin C, which is part of it, is a powerful antioxidant that, by improving microcirculation, removes slags and toxins and cleanses clogged pores. After using the mask and the truth creates a pleasant feeling of freshness, which passes rather slowly, therefore, there is time to enjoy the skin, which seemed to have experienced cryo-massage.

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