Is it possible to grow tomatoes in the apartment?

To enjoy the taste and benefit of tomatoes grown by yourself, it is not necessary to have a vegetable garden. You can grow them at home.

Choosing the right grade

To get a good harvest, you should choose a suitable variety. And it must meet several requirements. The first and most important is active and abundant fruiting. So, from one bush it will be possible to collect up to two or three kilograms of tomatoes. The second requirement is small size. Shoots must be short and not too extensive, because the house is probably not so much space as the beds in the garden.

So which varieties are best for home cultivation? These are Balconi Yelou, Max, Balconi Red, Balcony Miracle, Bonsai Micro, Bonsai Red, Gina, Florida Petit, Yellow Pearl, Pinocchio, Pearl red. "

What soil will do?

It is important to choose a suitable soil, because from it the plant will take all the substances necessary for the growth and ripening of the fruit. There are several options:

  • Ready substrate "Living Earth", which can be purchased in specialized stores.
  • A mixture consisting of a part of sod land, peat, and humus (from manure).
  • Soil mixture designed specifically for the cultivation of tomatoes (you can also easily find it in a store or department that sells everything for gardening).

How to grow?

Growing tomatoes at home consists of several basic steps, each discussed in detail below.

Sowing seeds and sprouting

How to grow indoor tomatoes on the window? For this, the first step is to sow the seeds. It is better to do this either at the end of February or at the beginning of March, but, in principle, it is possible to grow tomatoes at home at almost any time. To accelerate growth and minimize the risk of developing diseases, seeds should first be placed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate (i.e., potassium permanganate) for 15 or 20 minutes. Then you can soak them for 10-12 hours in any growth stimulator, for example, such as "Epin".

Now put the prepared soil in a pot or any other rather wide container, then place the seeds into it at a depth of about 1.5-2 centimeters.A little moisten the earth, and cover the box with any transparent material, such as film, cellophane bag or glass (this will help create a greenhouse effect, that is, in fact, greenhouse conditions). At this time, the tank should be in a warm and bright place. When the first shoots appear, remove the film and regularly moisten the soil.


When the shoots get stronger and get at least three large leaves, you can dive them, that is, plant the bushes in separate containers. It should be done carefully, as the roots of tomatoes are rather weak and undeveloped, and it is better not to damage them. Choose pots or larger boxes and move seedlings directly to them in the ground.

Advice: in order for shoots to develop better, two transplants should be carried out: first into a small pot, and then to a permanent place.

Proper care

Growing tomatoes is the right care for them. And he assumes the observance of the rules:

  1. Appropriate place. It is best to put containers with growing tomatoes on the southern or eastern window, then they will receive enough light and heat.
  2. Temperature mode. Since tomatoes are very thermophilic plants, in the daytime the air temperature should fluctuate within 20-28 degrees. At night, it can drop to 15, but not lower.But if the temperature rises to 30 degrees, then either move the pots to a cooler room, or block the window with curtains.
  3. Lighting. It should be sufficient. So if the weather is often cloudy, or you decide to grow tomatoes in the winter, you should provide an additional source of light to extend the daylight hours and create conditions as close as possible to the natural conditions. For this you can use a fluorescent lamp. In addition, do not block the window with thick curtains, the sun is just necessary for the tomatoes, and because of its lack of fruit can be tasteless and sour.
  4. Fresh air. Late spring, summer and early autumn should regularly air the room in which you grow tomatoes. Be sure to open the windows or at least the window.
  5. Watering. It should be regular, but moderate. So you should water the tomatoes after the earthen coma dries, that is, about twice a week in the summer and once a week during the cold season, when the moisture evaporates slowly. By the way, it is advisable to use water at room temperature, as cold can provoke freezing of the roots.
  6. Spud tomatoes regularly and loosen the ground to ensure proper formation of the roots and moisture to them.
  7. To get useful and tasty fruits, exercise and feeding. So, it is recommended to apply fertilizer for the first time two weeks after the emergence of sprouts, that is, during their active rooting (preferably immediately after planting in a constant container). Then after two weeks you can fertilize the soil again. For top dressing it is desirable to use ash or mineral complex composition.
  8. When the bush begins to bloom, shake it a little so that the pollen from the upper flowers falls on the lower ones, that is, self-pollination occurs.
  9. As the fruits ripen, be sure to pick ripe, so that they do not rot, and the plant has the opportunity to direct all forces to the growth of other tomatoes.

Good harvest to you!

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