Interior decoration bath do it yourself

The quality of finishing baths depends on the correct choice of material. In this case, it is not necessary to dwell on one type of wood, since the combination of several tree species can give the bath a special chic and comfort.

Choose a finishing material for a bath

When choosing a finishing material is very important to know the properties of a tree. Otherwise stay in the bath will bring one disappointment instead of pleasure.
Larch or linden is ideal for the steam room, as these rocks do not overheat, which means they are not able to leave burns on the skin. In this case, it is undesirable to use pine because, when heated, it emits resins that, in contact with human skin, cause discomfort.
Coniferous species are ideal for finishing the dressing room, where the air temperature is well below the steam room. Healthy coniferous aroma will create ideal conditions for a healing effect.
For washing facilities, where the humidity level is at the maximum level, it is best to use spruce or pine clapboard, which is highly resistant to rot and moisture. In addition to the wall paneling, you can also use gypsum board, aquapanels, PVC panels, gypsum fiber and tile for the finishing of this room.
As for the floor, then for its decoration is best to use oak. The difference of this flooring is that it does not slip and has a low heat capacity. And this, as is well known, makes it possible to exclude the probability of getting a burn when walking on such a floor.If ceramic tiles are used to finish the floor, it will be useful to lay wooden pallets against sliding.

Features of the interior of the bath

Lining is an ideal material for the interior decoration of the bath with his own hands. In addition, it can be used not only for walls, but also for the ceiling. Manufacturing technology lining provides the ability to decorate the interior of the bath under the "log" or "bar". In addition, the walls lined with clapboard do not require additional processing, since this material is still covered with protective compounds at the production stage.
Before proceeding to the lining of the bath structure from the inside, it is necessary to assemble the crate, onto which the finishing material will be attached. The installation of the batten begins with placing the top and bottom bars. After that, using a plumb line or level, the intermediate elements of the batten are fixed to the wall.The crate should provide a small gap between the clapboard attached to it and the vapor barrier layer.
For mounting lining it is desirable to use fasteners with high resistance to moisture. The best solution would be the use of kleymerov-brackets. In the corner joints lining can be cut to the width.
Installation of a vapor barrier is carried out only in those cases if the bath was built from materials that are not capable of ensuring normal microcirculation of air. Therefore, for the breathing walls it is enough to finish clapboard.

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