Inter-Level Ladder Workshop

Elegant internal staircase - a real highlight of a country cottage or a small cozy house. With proper assembly, it will faithfully serve as a functional and at the same time decorative architectural detail. Typical or custom ladders can be mounted in the room independently. This requires a minimum of tools and skills.

1. Mounting frame. First, it is necessary to fix the frames of the steps on the bearing base - the bow and bowstrings. This is a difficult and crucial stage. Welding is considered the most reliable connecting method. The correctness of the relative position of the elements and the distance between them is controlled by a plumb line. The assembled frame of the pipes is installed in the opening and fixed using pipe cutting machines, if necessary, and the ends of the pipes are prepared for welding. Weld seams cleaned and primed. According to the draft version, the stairs can already be moved. 2. Installation of the building envelope.Balusters and handrails not only decorate the staircase, but also ensure the safety of movement. Along the outer edge of the frame, the supports are fixed and welded, on which the rails or their base are then fixed, if the railings are composite. 3. The frame is finished. The metal base is prepared and decorated in the usual way - rust removal, degreasing, anti-corrosion coating and priming. After complete drying, after about a day, proceed to the final finish - painting with special enamel in several layers. 4. Preparing the steps. Usually, internal staircases are equipped with wooden steps from a solid or glued board. Panel-adhesive panels are more durable, they are less susceptible to deformation and cracking due to too high or low humidity levels. Additional processing with parquet varnish will prevent premature wear of the surface. 5. Installation of steps. The panels are fixed with conventional screws. Accordingly, the holes on the frame of the stage are drilled and additionally razzenkovyvayut from the outside to drown the screw head.According to the same scheme, the upper wooden part of the railing is fixed, if it is provided. The given method is suitable for mounting the most common types of stairs with a relatively simple device. It is wiser to entrust the installation of complex design models to a specialist. You can decorate or decorate such a staircase in accordance with the style of the interior of the room.

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