Instead of "Eurovision Song Contest": Samoilov will perform in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The singer was invited to take part in the Easter concert, which will be held in Moscow on April 25.

It will be a big concert of the choir “Forty Forty” with the name “Songs of the Great Victory”.

In addition to Samoilova, the finalist of the Voice project Emil Kadyrov, the finalist of the Factor A and New Star projects Alexander Shcherbakov, Rodion Gazmanov and the Bayan Mix group and other stars will appear on the stage with the choir artists.

What we will remember the performance of Samoilova? The fact that this is her first Moscow appearance on the stage after the official refusal of Ukraine to participate in the Eurovision contest. Julia, in spite of everything, did not give up, continues to smile and sing, and the concert of the choir “Forty Forty” is proof of that. By the way, today the performer is on tour in Perm and in the evening she will give a concert with the chorus “Mlada”.

Julia Samoilova will perform in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

When it was decided to send Yulia Samoilova to an international competition,we were just waiting for the news - will it go to Ukraine or not? The girl, we recall, was banned from entering the country for three years, since she had the imprudence to speak in the Crimea and write a few words on the social network about this. It was in 2015, and the panic happened just now.

The European Broadcasting Union fought as best it could for the right of Russians to be on the same stage with all the participants, but, alas, in vain. Julia was supported in social networks, they even launched a special flash mob, Ukrainian artists called on the authorities to come to their senses. This is a competition. There are people singing, not fighting. Read morehere.

However, the decision remained unchanged, Russia did not accept the offer to send another participant who has no problems with the Ukrainian laws, or to allow Yule to sing online while in Moscow. Thus, Eurovision will not be broadcast this year, and Yulia Samoilova will present our country next year, regardless of where you will go.

“Of course, I was very upset,” the singer admitted to journalists. “But I didn’t cry, I never lose heart or hang my nose.” If I were a nurse, then I would have failed.For my part, I did everything I needed: I learned English, rehearsed a song, tried not to read the news and stay away from all the noise. By the way, I didn’t have time to sew the dress for the performance, while only negotiations were about the costume. ”

Later information appeared that Samoilov might not perform at the Easter concert. According to her representatives, the singer did not give consent to the performance.

“Julia did not give consent to the performance and no concert was planned,” said the representative of the singer. He also noted that Samoilov "was invited as a guest at this event, and everything was at the negotiation stage," the news agency reported.

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