Inflatable pool - the best entertainment for the child

A small pond in which you can splash around, cool off in the summer heat and just have fun in the lovely sunny day - this is exactly what your child needs, especially during vacations and holidays in country ladies and cottages.

True, no matter how beautiful such a rest was, for every desire it is not so easy to go to the sea or to the river, and even with a small child. Heat, crowds of people, midges on rivers and lakes, dangerous undercurrents and sharp stones that can be a threat to your little fidgets, are the disadvantages that repel young parents from such trips and trips.

Kids will be delighted

But it is not necessary to deprive your little children of such joy, it is enough to buy a children's inflatable pool, which, in many respects, can replace natural reservoirs, and in some ways, perhaps even surpass them.

First of all, it should be noted that an inflatable pool is very convenient and practical, one can even say that these are the main advantages of such “substitutes” for pools or reservoirs.You can start with mobility - it is easy to move such pools from place to place, and if necessary, completely blow off, remove to the attic for the winter and not worry about its safety.

It is very convenient to take small inflatable pools even with you to the sea or to any other body of water - when your child splashes near you in a completely safe container, and your mother can have a little rest, and not constantly monitor the coastline.

Unlike a real stationary pool, under which you will have to dig a hole, invest a lot of money in its construction, and then follow-up care, all of this can seem like an ungrateful undertaking that cannot be said about an inflatable pool.

Such an “artificial” reservoir will appeal to your kid, because you can splash and arrange water battles in it, in fact, at any time, and for this you just need to leave the house!

Naturally, the parents immediately have a question, how to choose a paddling inflatable pool? After all, it is very important that it is convenient for the child, meets the necessary requirements, and is also a high-quality and durable purchase (at least until the baby grows).

By the way, if you choose the right size of such an "inflatable" pond, then you can teach a child to swim in it, and if you take very little water, you can be much calmer for a child, because such a reservoir is much safer than a real sea or river.

How to choose a children's pool?

Before sending to the store for purchase, it is necessary to understand what kind of children's inflatable pools are, and based on this, make a choice in favor of this or that option.

Interesting model

Such “artificial reservoirs”, first of all, are distinguished by their form: in the form of regular geometric shapes, for example, square, oval, circle or rectangle, as well as houses, islands, pirate ships, animals, fish and so on.

Also, between them they may differ in volume, which must be chosen depending on the height and age of your child. For example, up to 1.5 years are usually bypassed by mini-pools, the height of the sides of which does not exceed 17 cm, and now from 1.5 to 3 years you can choose a “frog-pad” with a height of sides from 20 to 50 cm.

There are family inflatable pools, which are large and you can swim in them with the whole family.Typically, such structures are strengthened by rigid sides, on which you can sit.

This option is great for giving or a country house, where it can easily be installed in the yard, and completely removed for the winter, freeing up space for other needs. But for home or for trips to the sea, you still have to do with some small model that does not take up much space, and it will be easy to constantly assemble, disassemble and transport to the sea.

A more serious option

Next, what you should pay attention to is the design of the pool. The simplest models consist of an inflatable ring that rises simultaneously with an increase in the water level in the pool, thereby forming walls.

There are some models that consist of several inflatable layers, because of what the pool becomes more stable, and for greater safety of your child it is better to choose the option with an inflatable bottom.

In such a reservoir your baby will be warmer, softer and more comfortable, moreover, such models are usually more durable. There are models with additional devices, for example, with a small slide or, even with entire game centers: inflatable balls and anchors, fishing rods, balls and inflatable rings for basketball, small rafts and many other exciting additions for children and adults.

By the way, a special variety of such gaming complexes and swimming pools can be found at Intex, which is characterized by the high quality of the products provided.

Sometimes inflatable mattresses can be equipped with special elements that help protect your child from sunlight, which can lead to burning of tender baby skin and general overheating of the body.

For this, in some models there are small canopies or canopies that can be part of the pool shape, of course, it is better that they be removable. In principle, if you have the opportunity to put the pool in the shade, then you can do without such a device.

An important part of such a purchase is the pump, be sure to check with the seller if it is included, or maybe you should pick a good model separately.

It is also quite important detail: the presence of a drain valve, because if one is not available, you run the risk of periodically flushing your site.

This is happiness for children

Buy a toy for your child can be in any specialized store or, even easier and cheaper, order online, where prices are much lower, and the choice is much greater.Naturally, the cost will vary depending on the manufacturer, the quality of the materials used, the size and design of the pool itself.

Do not forget that if you are going to buy a large enough pool in which water will constantly stand, you will most likely need to purchase additional accessories that can ensure cleanliness and good water condition: a special chemistry kit for water treatment and a skimmer for removal of debris from the water surface.

Winter conservation

For the winter, an inflatable paddling pool needs to be disassembled, if you have a light one and did not go deep into the ground, then there is nothing difficult in this: after draining the water, it must be thoroughly dried, folded and sent to storage in a warm room. Of course, the bigger the model of your pool, the harder it is to cope with and need more space to store it.

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