HYP weeks: discussing the sex scandal with the actors in Hollywood

"Everyone knows the conventional wisdom" got the role through the bed "I heard from different people long before I got into the theater and movie business. I must say that for me personally this is complete nonsense. From the moment I found myself in this field of art, to this day I have never encountered this.

How's it going? Through the casting director, the film director communicates with the agent of the actress who most closely coincides with the external and internal, emotional image of the heroine, who is spelled out in the script, and coincides with his artistic vision. As a rule, motion picture producers also take part in casting approval. Next, the following process: the agent issues feedback - information about the desire to take part on the part of the actress, her employment is specified, the fee is coordinated, samples are taken ... Search for the desired actressMatching all these nuances sometimes takes a fairly long period, because, as a rule, talented artists have a good job, and at the same time participate in different projects.

Everything is simpler in the theater, since practically each of them has his own troupe, which, as a rule, receives information and distribution by roles in the premiere performances (those performances that will be staged and released in the new season) at the beginning of the season. We get the distribution of roles - this is the vision of the director, and the result of the work, aspirations of each artist, because often after distribution in our theater when staging a new play, we still work for a while using the etude method, that is, we are preparing etudes for the images. Show a study on the role that you would like to play, but was not distributed to it, is not forbidden, it is often convincing, and the director performs castling.

Discussing the hype with Weinstein, for some reason, no one thinks that cinema is a huge budget and not a director who respects himself and his work, the producer will not take a girl who just sleeps with him, because he risks not only his reputation, level of product, but also a lot of money.

And because the situation with Weinstein seems to me like a huge pile of dirty laundry, to which I don’t really care. I can only say that, finding out there those who are guilty and right, one cannot exclude the possibility that the actress would sleep with the producer or director after the shooting and not for the role! People tend to fall in love (and not necessarily the foul physiological love in question in this scandal) with talent, beauty and charisma. You just look at the person and you understand that he is a genius. "

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