Hide more in the closet! Seven ideas on how to make an apartment more spacious

The author: Natalia Peskova

Are you the happy owner of a closet? He is capable of more than just storing clothes and books. Find out what can be hidden behind its doors to free up space in the room for a more functional and stylish interior.


This favorite of the public does not always manage to fit into the interior, but many of us do not imagine our life without it. Provide access to electricity in the closet and install a TV-cabinet. Sliding doors, unlike swing doors, give a wide viewing angle, so you can watch TV from anywhere in the room.


Sliding wardrobe with a secret, or rather, with a folding bed. Cleaning it for a day and hiding behind the cabinet doors is just as easy as laying out a sofa. And do not worry about the daily making of the bed. A pillow, a blanket and a mattress are fixed by belts, therefore will remain on a place even in an inverted condition.

Dressing table

Every woman dreams of a “beauty room” - her own dressing room and dressing room.The cherished desire to easily fulfill, even if the area of ​​the apartment does not provide for this. In one of the sections of the wardrobe, install a dressing table, hang a mirror and provide lighting, for example, with the help of wireless LED lamps.


Furniture for the bathroom is not limited to the cabinet under the sink and wall cabinet. Here you can install a wardrobe and hide the washer and dryer in it. Even in such a “pantry” it is convenient to store cleaning devices and household chemicals. Cabinet doors can be matched to the walls or become a bright accent. Be careful with the mirrored doors - they will visually enlarge the size of a small bathroom, but they will often get dirty due to splashing water.


In a small kitchen is not always possible to allocate space for a refrigerator. In this case, you can rearrange it in the hallway. To prevent large equipment from looking like an alien object here, place it in a niche or hide it behind the doors of the closet. Keep in mind that for stable operation of the refrigerator in the cabinet requires good ventilation.


Psychologists do not recommend installing a computer desk in the bedroom or living room - it will continually remind you of things, interfering with a restful rest.But you can organize a workplace in the closet! “Home Office” will save space in the room and help keep thoughts about current work behind closed doors.

Ironing board

The ironing board is easy to hide in any interior, but in order to use it, you have to make an effort: get it, fold it out, put it away ... Fortunately, there are ironing boards that are built into wardrobes.

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