How do women understand men?

Anna Basis

Man and woman are two opposites. Both externally and psychologically. How these two people manage to live together and understand each other remains a mystery. But after all, they live the same, and are happily married, and love each other. How do they do it? Two poles - a man and a woman, how to understand each other and make relationships full?

Male psychology is very different from female. A man needs specifics, and a woman lives with feelings, emotions and sensations. If you do not find points of contact between these two worlds, then love and understanding will never arise.

So, how to understand men

What motivates a man in choosing his own companions of life.

For a tall, brutal handsome man, choosing a wife is a matter of time. Women hover around him like moths around a bright light. He can only choose the appropriate. And this is not an enchanting beauty, but a little gray chicken. Why is that? The answer is that he chose a reliable option for the continuation of the race. She will raise his offspring and cook him borscht. A bright beauty he was already tired of his youth.The girl needs to be inaccessible from the first date. A man is a hunter who needs obstacles and chases. Therefore, the “yes” on the first date is a death sentence for the future.

Men of small stature prefer stately beauties. In this way they compensate for their own physical deficiencies. However, they are also unpleasant accessible girls.

How do women understand men?

The ideal companion of life in the eyes of a man is a caring, kind, easy-going, faithful and pleasant woman. The ultimate dream is a woman who understands men.

She should always look as if she had just left the beauty salon, should never be hysterical, and talk as little as possible. Relocate her husband can not. It is advisable to always look happy and not make any claims for any reason. The wife should be the perfect hostess, a sorceress on the marriage bed and a skilled cook.

Few of the representatives of the stronger sex are interested in how one can achieve this from one person. In their dreams, everything is just that.

But do men understand women? Reality dictates other rules - a woman works in the workplace no less than a man, manages to monitor children, clean up the house and prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners.At the same time, she tries to keep track of herself and love a man in bed. With such a density of everyday worries, it is unlikely that it will be possible to constantly conform to the ideas of a beloved husband about an ideal wife. Hence conflicts and misunderstandings in families.

He is not a sissy, and certainly not a “kitten”, he is a tiger!

In a woman by nature laid the instinct of motherhood. They sometimes confuse attitudes towards children and towards a loved one. You can not treat your partner as a child. Diminutive nicknames should not be used in relation to a man. They are irritated by the "seals", "fish", "bunnies" and "bears". If this is acceptable at the time of love, then as relations become serious, they become "tigers", "lions" and "knights". Especially in moments of disagreement, it is not advisable to approach a beloved with tenderness. This will cause only the next fit of anger. He is not a child and talking with him is so simply unacceptable.

How do women understand men?

"A man is a head, and a woman is a neck. Where the neck turns, head there and looks! "

In principle, the statement is correct. But the neck turns wherever the head wants. So do not climb up.It is important for a man to know that he is heard and heard. It is certain that a woman should know that her opinion is listened to, but a man should decide and act. It depends only on your abilities whether this decision will coincide with your hopes or not.

We need everything at once.

Men do not like to wait. They want to have everything at once. This also applies to family relationships. If he asks you to make tea, he doesn’t care at all that at that moment you didn’t paint your right eye. In this case, the man does not understand the woman. He needs tea this very minute and no reason should prevent this desire. If you do not do what he asked for, he sees this as disrespect for himself. Do not think that he will understand that you are busy, do not understand. Better calmly explain to him that you will fulfill his request, as soon as you are free.

A woman is more accustomed to living in the world of illusions, and a man in the world of deeds and actions.

The feelings and aspirations of a woman are not clear to men. He can not understand how to live dreams, he needs to act. Therefore, in conversations with a man need to include logic and common sense. He does not understand why you feel this way and are worried about some trifle.A man should know exactly what to do in any given situation. Therefore, you first need to listen to a partner, understand the course of his thoughts and plans, and then indulge in dreams and speculation. Not to cause discontent of the second half is simple - ask him before each serious conversation with you, to inform that he wants you not to be distracted by trifles.

How do women understand men?

How not to hurt a man with his fantasies.

A woman loves to invent a “new world” for herself. In her dreams, she is on a luxury cruise liner, in developing clothes, a wide-brimmed hat and a glass of fine cocktail. Everyone wants to see himself as a rich, stunning beauty who languidly looks beyond the horizon from the deck. But dream with yourself. A man does not understand that these are just fantasies that have no real desires. He sees your dreams as a guide to action. Understanding that his capabilities do not correspond to your dreams, a man experiences only discomfort and confusion. He understands this as waiting for some action from him.

Want to dream? Warn about this partner and dream together.But it is better not to do this at all, so as not to instill in him feelings of guilt and insolvency.

Yes or no.

Men do not understand hints and omissions at all. If you are enthusiastic to tell him that your friend got an engagement ring and soon gets married, this does not mean that he will immediately offer you a marriage proposal. Most likely, he will just ignore this news. And if you tell a long story about how beautiful the night sea looks like under the moon, he will not understand what it is about. It is better to immediately say what you expect from him and hear the answer than to be offended because you did not understand.

Just nod your head.

This is the easiest way to make a man listen to your fantasies. "Dear, you just nod your head, and I'll tell you about how my friend and I went to the spa." For a man, this is the best formulation of the request. He is not forced to delve into all your experiences and delights, he may or may not listen. But it works. He delves, thinks and tries to understand why this campaign is so interesting for you.

How do women understand men?

Simple and concise.

Do not respond with flowery phrases to a question. A man needs an answer, not a story.He turned to you for help, so formulate the answer and tell the case what you think. Most likely, he already knows how to solve the problem, but he needs your opinion in order to make sure that he is right. Therefore, express what you think, but end the sentence by saying that you are smart and he knows how to do the right thing.

To help or not.

Men do not like being helped. Especially when they themselves do not want it. They believe that no one can know better than them what is right. In the overwhelming number of cases, this concerns the wife. Help and tell him only in those cases where he himself wants it. But without fanaticism. Do not teach him how to properly hold a hammer in your hands, if you are asked to see if the picture to be hung on the wall is exactly level. He himself knows perfectly well.

Particularly annoying are their situations on the road. Sitting on the next chair with the driver's wife, begins to play the role of navigator. Tells him where to roll or teaches the rules of the road. This causes a storm of protest in the soul of every man. Your concern in this case is inappropriate. You want to warn your loved one against mistakes or troubles, but he believes that you blame him for inconsistency and worthlessness.

What should a woman be so that men should be delighted with her

Every person is an individual. But it is important for a woman to keep herself in shape and maintain her natural beauty and image. How to understand that a man wants a woman? He is visibly nervous in her presence, wants to please, every minute the collar of a shirt or tie is straightened. And you should conform to his ideas about what a woman should be.

How do women understand men?

The beauty that a woman owes to nature.

There are recognized beauties, around which there are many representatives of the opposite sex, but they are unhappy in life. And there are "gray mice" who marry and live with their second half in love and harmony all their lives. Natural data women, of course, are very important when choosing a partner, but they are not the main ones. Just mother nature gave a chance to choose a woman partner to your liking.

The first and most important thing a woman should remember is to keep herself in shape in any situation. Sport, cosmetic procedures for the face, body and hair - this is something that should be present in the life of every woman. A man will not be enthralled by a pimply, pimply face, fingernails or a flabby body.Look after yourself, but without fanaticism. Too long nails, painted with red or, especially black lacquer, do not look very attractive. And not only for the man himself.

Clean face, delicate makeup and neat nails should always be

Do not forget that the hair is bushy and thick should be only on the head. Unshaven armpits and legs are disgusting.

Clothing and style.

The wardrobe of every woman is an indicator of how she can present herself and show her the best. Things that you choose only because they are comfortable, leave for home. Try to be beautiful and bright. In nature, the motley bird attracts more attention than the gray sparrow. Dress stylish and beautiful. Now there are many assistants to look fashionable and attractive - the Internet, women's magazines, consultants in most clothing stores. Do not try to impress with your creativity and pretentiousness. It is unlikely that a man will like it. Focus on the most beautiful parts of your body - long legs, thin waist, high lush breasts. But don't make a cult out of it. Everything is good in moderation.

How do women understand men?


Men are sensitive to odors.Especially to the smell of the body of a woman who is next to him. Take care that you smell pleasantly. Do not "clog" the smell of an unwashed body with an abundance of perfume. It's horrible. After mixing, these smells will become unbearable. The perfume itself must be used carefully so that only a light veil is felt.

Especially do not like men, when the woman smells of cigarettes or alcohol. Most of them will alienate such a lady.

Another nuance is bad breath. Watch your health.


Arrogant and defiant ladies who consider themselves the navel of the earth and are ready to inform everyone immediately are not pleasant to anyone. Men are extinguished before this pressure and simply “dissolve”. It is unlikely that a normal man will be able to be close to the arrogant and boorish person. He will simply be ashamed of her and of her loser.

It is generally accepted that men do not like intelligent women. Stupidity

If you are an accomplished, intelligent and educated person, then he is not opposed to an educated and competent woman living next to him. But do not expose the mind, especially in public. Let the man feel that he is in the family head.

It turns out that it is not difficult for women to understand men.See that annoying your loved one, stop! Take a blank sheet of paper and a pen, list the situations that cause conflict in your tandem and draw conclusions. Calm down! Trust the flow of your life into the hands of the one you have already chosen. And if you have not chosen, then think about the mistakes and act in the opposite direction. Make decisions together. This may not be what you expected, but this is better for both of you, and this is the main thing.

And most importantly, talk less and listen more to your man. Then you will understand the aspirations and thoughts of your man.

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