How water affects the body

Everyone knows that the human body is approximately 70% water. But few people wonder why there is so much water in our bodies. It turns out this is directly related to the fact that most of our cells live and function in the so-called internal environment of the body. The stability of the human body depends on how stable the internal environment of his body. Water is responsible for this stability. Water is necessary for cells to maintain a constant volume, proper protein synthesis, the delivery of nutrients to the cells, and the removal of their metabolic products. The lack of drinking water leads to disturbances in the internal environment and, accordingly, to disturbances in the work of cells.
Dehydration is a very dangerous condition of the body, which can be fatal. Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms of dehydration, monitor your well-being and promptly fill the water balance at the first signs of water shortage.The initial signs of dehydration include dry mouth, great thirst, weakness, and dizziness.
Another important function of water in the body is to maintain optimal body temperature and combat overheating. Most processes in the body occur with the release of heat, which must be removed from the body. This function of the conductor of heat and performs the water, it removes excess heat to the external integuments of the body and removes them into the external environment, by evaporation of sweat from the skin. Additional physical exertion or too high an ambient temperature warms the body further, causing it to sweat more intensely. But the process of sweating greatly reduces the water level in the body and therefore it is very important to drink more water during exercise and in hot weather.
The average rate for a person is two liters of water per day, but in fact this figure is very conditional. Own norm of quantity of necessary water can be defined, observing the state of health during the day. The color of urine is a good indicator of the adequacy of water: ideally, it should be very light with a slight straw tint.
The use of the entire recommended amount of water will help improve your well-being and control this weight with a plus, because drinking enough water will significantly reduce your appetite and suppress the desire to eat something tasty.

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