What is useful grass pillows?

A good help for the preservation of health is a pillow of herbs. You can buy it in the pharmacy or do it yourself.

In order to sew a pillow, you will need fabric, medicinal herbs and threads for sewing the product.

Recommendations on the choice of fabric

An important step in the manufacture of a pillow is the selection of fabric. First, we recommend choosing a dense material so that the grass does not prick. Secondly, the material must be natural. Given the above, we recommend choosing flax or cotton.

From what to sew?

Before you make a pillow, we select medicinal plants, depending on the desired result. Remember that the property of a pillow depends on the smell of herbs filling it. To decide which plant to use, you need to familiarize yourself with their properties.

So, we will focus on the main medicinal plants. If your pillow is full and smells:

  • thyme, then you relax and calm down;
  • clover - remove fatigue, moderately reduce pressure;
  • peppermint - enlighten the mind, cheer up, get rid of a headache;
  • rosemary or thyme - you can calm down, relax and relieve stress;
  • Melissa - remove the convulsive effect, improve the metabolic process in the body.
  • Lemon - refresh and invigorate;
  • rose - get a harmonizing effect, rejuvenate, be able to see dreams of romantic content;
  • chamomile - fall asleep a good night's sleep;
  • hop cones - relieve headache, calm down and be able to recover from insomnia;
  • heather - get rid of insomnia, excessive nervous overexcitement;
  • bay leaves - provide yourself with pleasant dreams, even prophetic, you can relax your muscles;
  • thyme - you will find a good mood, you can see the prophetic dreams about the future;
  • Saffron - you will gain the talent of clairvoyance;
  • cinnamon - gain the opportunity to communicate in a dream with the spirits of the other world, learn to portend the future;
  • lavender - you will be protected from evil spirits, gain peace and relieve stress. Moreover, the lavender fragrance perfectly helps to fight moths.
  • willow leaves - will gain the blessing of the moon;
  • lapchatka - will find wise thoughts in a dream;
  • Muscat - you will see a dream about what awaits you in the future;
  • shoots of wormwood - remove depression and fatigue, and also see vivid, memorable dreams;
  • shoots of nettle - protect yourself from the negative;
  • marjoram - get rid of bad energy and negative effects;
  • valerian - relieve tension before rest, calm down, plunge into sound sleep;
  • anise plant - you can avoid a nightmare, and also feel a surge of youth;
  • sage leaves - feel invigorating effect, healing;
  • altheim - you will feel an improvement in your health;
  • yarrow - you can see dreams of loved ones;
  • orange peel - get a charge of good mood and positive dreams;
  • basil - remember astral flights, mentally clear;
  • sunflower - remember the dream;
  • rosemary - remove pain in the head, get rid of nightmares, improve the function of the bronchi;
  • fern - get rid of sciatica and lumbago;
  • hyssop or oregano - get a tonic effect;
  • a meadowsweeper - well and quickly fall asleep, remove the headache, calm down;
  • an angelic - you will see a prediction in a dream;
  • spruce fir - relax and find peace of mind;
  • Geranium - relieve headache, calm down, immediately fall asleep;
  • juniper or pine - relieve pain in the heart, smooth mood swings, strengthen the immune system;
  • eucalyptus or birch leaves - improve the work of the respiratory system;
  • dill - you can quickly fall asleep;
  • with a mixture of eucalyptus oil, tea tree leaves, orris powder, hops - get rid of snoring.

Do not fill the pad with flowers of jasmine, narcissus, lily, lily of the valley, bird cherry. They provoke nightmares and headaches.

How to sew a medicinal pillow? Take two small squares of matter, fold them face down, sew by hand or with the help of a sewing machine, laying the seam on the edge. Be sure to leave a hole to fill. Fill the product with a collection of herbs and sew.

General recommendations for working with medicinal plants:

  1. Herbs should be freshly harvested and well dried, and by a natural method, without the use of artificial means and devices.
  2. Plants need to grind in small pieces.
  3. As a base for the pillow, choose neutral grasses: sedge, straw, or down of iwan-tea or heather. Such herbs will not allow the product to lose shape. The fact is that the pad, which includes only medicinal herbs, is very quickly caked.
  4. The duration of the drug pillow is 1-2 years. After it must be thrown out.
  5. A pillow caught in water or damp should be thrown out. Damp grass will not benefit the body.
  6. If you are not using a herbal pillow for sleep, put it in a plastic bag so that the fragrance does not erode.
  7. Be sure to shake the cushion before use.
  8. If you want the aroma of herbs to spread throughout the room, put it on the battery.

And in conclusion, I want to note that the fragrance is a kind of medicine that is useful only when it is taken correctly. Be careful in choosing the composition for the pill!

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