How to write a song to a newbie about love ...

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Let's try to figure out how to write a song to a newbie.

Many Internet users are interested in how to write a song on their own, without someone’s help. This article will cover the highlights of this process. Also worth talking about and the main mistakes.


Writing a song about love.



Inspiration comes in those moments when the soul sings from emotions that overwhelm it. Most often it comes from love. In this article we consider the method of writing not only a love song. The technology is suitable for almost any genre. But on the romantic theme dwell. Being in love is the best time to write a song.


We are starting to understand more deeply how to write a song about love. Beginners usually have a question of what comes first - music or words. There is no common opinion on this topic. Someone is better at writing music to the existing poems, someone just perfectly matches the rhymes. Among professionals, each is engaged in his own business.


And since this article is not written for professional poets and composers, you should decide whether you can master the whole process by yourself. You need to start with an assessment of their capabilities and abilities. If you are not afraid of possible difficulties - this is good. But on the other hand, how many mediocre performers and compositions can be seen and heard on our stage. It is a pity that not everyone can guess in time that they are not engaged in their business.


We believe that you are confident in your abilities and in the presence of talent. We are sure that you will be able to master the writing of a song about love for your chosen one (darling). If you already have some experience in poetry or music, demonstrate your achievements to friends and ask them to evaluate their creativity.


As a necessary minimum, we accept the presence of rhythm in you, albeit small, but knowledge of musical notation, good rhyming skills. And, probably, the most important thing is that you easily learn a new business. You shouldn’t hope for all kinds of resources to help you automatically select rhymes. To get a good result, you should write verses yourself. It is unlikely that you will be able to write a song about love without elementaryknowledge of musical notation. And the process of learning music can not only drag out, but in general discourage the desire to create.


Photo Synthesizer


Then you should think about musical instruments. Synthesizer or guitar. Even a simple punk rock composition requires a tool. You should buy or download a program on the Internet that allows you to work with audio files. A suitable option would beFruity Loops Studio, look for her. Well, if there is a voice recorder. With it, you can much faster understand how to write a song. The dictaphone dictated poems or recorded musical improvisation. You can turn on the device at any time and remind yourself of some strings or guitar riffs.


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Electro guitar.

All necessary stocked up. Now about the theme of the songs. Love is a sought-after theme at all times. But not always these notes sound in the shower. Sometimes it happens that the heart rolls sadness or sadness. From this and should be repelled.


After determining the subject, a series of ideas comes together with the appropriate mood. Someone calls this creative mood, someone inspiration. But the essence of the matter does not change from the name.To do this, you can listen carefully to other songs of a similar genre. Pay attention to the wordplay, the musical transitions and the rhythm of the sound. Over time, somewhere inside, your future brainchild will begin to take shape. But do not completely copy pieces of someone else's work. Plagiarism is not only not interesting to anyone, but can lead to disastrous consequences.


There is one interesting way to write a love song for a newbie. Select from a dozen songs of a similar genre and turn them on one by one with repetitions and mixing order of reproduction. And for a long time - listen for a long time. When patience comes to an end (and sooner or later it happens) switch to a completely different genre, such as heavy metal, or something like that. Some contrast should arise in the head. Try to highlight interesting moments in each style, both musical and textual. Mixing different genres can have an unexpected effect.


After filling your inspiration to the edge of the vessel, take a paper with a pen or musical instrument in your hands, and look inside yourself. Surely there will be something interesting and worthy to put him on trial.


What is a song in its essence? These are feelings and experiences spilled out with the help of music and poetry. But even not in combination, but separately they can exist. If at this time you want to express something in a rhymed form - sit at the table, pick up a pen and boldly entrust your emotional state to the paper. If you are drawn to music, then the guitar or keyboards are ready to offer their services. Only forward and only create until you realize that you are completely exhausted. Signs of this can serve not only physical fatigue and pain in the eyes, but confused thoughts, repetitions and mistakes. Despair is not worth it. A muse will come to you again and again. Relax and start all over again.


How to write a love song - some tips.



Understanding how to write a song is not difficult. It’s much harder to write a love song. Not once or twice will have to re-read your creation, redo something, change some words to others. In one sitting, a song can be written completely only if it is very “boiling”. But it happens very rarely and not at all.


Another common mistake that newbies make when trying to write a love song.After some time, the creation begins to seem nonsense and nonsense, stupidity and triviality, and sometimes even plagiarism. Do not rush to remove their works. After a creative uplift, there is usually some emptiness. It was she who caused all your doubts about the genius of the song about love. Creative people know that such mood swings are normal.


To deal with this phenomenon is not difficult. Take your notes away. The next day you look at it all with different eyes. A fresh look will help to more realistically assess the results.


And one more tip. You should not try to tell everything in one song at once. As well as in one piece of music does not need to show all their skills. A lot of good is already bad. Do not write in the song about love complex word forms and ornate phrases. No wonder they say "All ingenious - just."


Hopefully, after reading this article,You will understand how to write a song. It does not matter what genre and subject matter will belong to the creation. The main thing is to make it clear what stages to go on the way to your own song. And do not be afraid to seem ridiculous. Show your creations to friends.It is quite possible that in response you will hear the phrase “What a pity that you did not do this before (did). It turned out very cool! ”Well, or something like that. Feel free to start, and all you get.

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