Strategies for Winning at Capture the Flag

How to Win at Capture the Flag at Night


  1. Get hold of either camouflage or a dark outfit.Dark blues, grays, browns and greens tend to be less visible at night than actual black because of the silhouettes. Camouflage should match the local environment. The outfit must be comfortable and versatile. Waterproof, washable, durable clothing is desirable. Also, clothing should not be loud-this means no loose clothing that rubs together, things that jingle, or stiff clothing/shoes that creak. Sweats are best.
  2. Build up speed and endurance before the game will go down.
  3. The night of the game, (after it starts) move carefully to the border, crawling or staying low at all times.Once there, wait for 20-30 seconds, checking for defenders. Lunge across the border in a low stance. Dive or step into the nearest brush (depending on the amount of time you think you have).
  4. Once you reach the enemy flag on a two way radio call for a distraction 100–200 yards (91.4–182.9 m) opposite and behind your location.
    • If you do not have a radio, simply wait for someone to do something stupid.
  5. Grab the flag and wrap it around your arm so less of you seems to attract attention
  6. Call for a party of 4-5 people once you reach the border to surround you and run very fast to the border.The people around you can block tags from the other team, giving you some cover.
    • If no one else is available, sneak out the way you came in. This almost always works.
  7. Celebrate like crazy.Be sure to rub it in. Now you have bragging rights!

Community Q&A

  • Question
    How do I create a distraction by myself?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Throw a rock or stick in the opposite direction to make the other team think that you ran that way.
  • Question
    What are some good game plans?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Send out one player or two as a distraction on the other side while one of the fastest runners goes to get the flag. Make sure to flank or surround the players distracted by your distractors.
  • Question
    What do I do if there aren't any bushes around?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Wing it and run. If it is at night, make a rule that no flashlights are allowed. That way, it's harder to spot you. Be very quiet. Make a game plan, if you can.
  • Question
    What is the best way to guard the flag?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Always be on the lookout. Imagine how you would try to get the flag if you were on the opposing team, and take measures to counteract these approaches.
  • Question
    What should I do if I'm the only one and I'm surrounded?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Say, "I quit," they will most likely walk away. Obviously you didn't really quit, it is just a distraction. If they don't believe you and are still surrounding you, just find the most open space in between the people, and make a run for it.
  • Question
    How many people should you play capture the flag with?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    You can really play with as many as 50 people (25 on each team) but to make it a bit easier and shorter, I would definitely suggest 30 people (15 on each team).
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  • If you see an opponent looking directly at you or near your position, freeze. The human eye detects motion before anything else, and just because someone is looking your direction does not mean that they actually notice you. Don't panic, don't move, and wait for the other person to move on or look the other way before continuing. If you think you've been spotted, make absolutely sure that the opponent knows you're there before you move, and then do not hesitate to run as fast as you can.
  • Take advantage of your opponent's natural instinct to attack. Have your team fall back within your own territory early in the game and allow them to advance. When they are deep enough in your territory, tag as many of them as possible, leaving you with a numerical advantage. It is best to attack right away before the other team realizes what has happened.
  • When running at someone or when someone is trying to cut you off or reroute you, run in a direction so as to force them to make the most acute turn possible. This will require them to place all of their weight on one foot and lean their center of gravity. Unless this person is an athlete, they may fall over or stumble, but they will always have to stop all forward momentum.
  • Trees are not solid obstacles. People can pass through them with little trouble. Remember that most defenders are hesitant to go through them, although they can.
  • If you have radios, try to get one person to sneak across the border, find a good hiding spot, and then act as a spy for everyone else, reporting on enemy positions.
  • Consider bringing an old army blanket or other covering that matches the environment with which to hide yourself. Anything which makes your shape look less like a human being will improve your chances of not being spotted. If you are in trouble, this can also be draped to look like you, thus a distraction.
  • Remember, as the attacker, you have the initiative. You dictate which way you will ultimately go. Make this decision as soon as possible, then juke and fake your direction. Try to throw the defender off balance.
  • Work out a strategy with your team before starting the game. Some people should go for the flag, some people should defend (which includes border patrol and concealed flag guards), and some should provide cover and distractions for the flag-bearers. Decide on a plan of attack--who will go where, etc.
  • When being chased, put obstacles between you and your opponent (such as trees). This will create a longer path that the defender will have to traverse to get to you.
  • Take the easy way out, try to look where the defenders aren't first. Who knows, maybe they are just trying to throw you off with their positioning. You may also find an easier way through their screen from a different angle.
  • Work out a system of signals for informing your teammates of what's happening beforehand. This might include non-vocal noises, codes to prevent the other team from deciphering your messages (if you are using radios), hand signals for silent communication, or any other convenient communication method.
  • Think! The human brain can deduce almost anything with enough thought.
  • Empty the jail periodically. Nothing is more crippling than having four or five less players than the other team. It is also the most boring situation imaginable to be stuck in jail for the entire game.
  • The human eye can see better from darkness into light. When caught in the light (especially intense light), remember that someone has probably already seen you and is probably just inside the darkness waiting for you to come closer. The boundary between light and darkness creates a vision shield for the person in the light; it is extremely difficult to see beyond this point. Defenders (or attackers) can come out of the darkness at seemingly incredible speeds, so be ready.
  • Be creative. Do something no one is expecting, they aren't expecting it!
  • Patience is key.
  • Periodically do something that appears incredibly stupid, without getting caught of course. This will allow for creativity on your teammates' part, and it annoys and distracts the defenders.
  • When defending, a good way to flush out opposing players in your area is to work in two person teams. One defender should patrol loudly and obviously, and the other should shadow nearby, keeping out of sight as quietly as possible. Both patrolmen should attempt to keep track of the other. If the loud "guard" notices an opposing player and can't reach that player quickly enough for a tag, he/she should pretend he doesn't notice the opponent and then move in such a way as to force the opponent to panic and run, revealing their position to everyone, or move towards the silent guard, who can then make the tag. This works even better if the two-person team has made up some sort of signal for informing each other of the enemy's location.
  • Tie leaves and branches to you for extra camouflage.
  • When in jail, make LOTS of noise. It will annoy your captors as well as hide any noise made by nearby liberators.
  • Be sneaky, but don't be conspicuous, especially on your side.
  • Low is good.
  • When in doubt, climb a tree. You can see more. When defending, it is not only fun but effective to drop out of a tree right next to an intruder. When attacking, you can see more (like guards or the flag). Also, it is a proven fact that when someone is looking for you, they look up last, if at all.
  • If you are in someone's yard and there is a natural area with thick bushes, there is probably a bunch of "caves" to hide under in the bushes and paths throughout. These are good for hiding or defending.
  • The partner tactic works very well for attacking. Flanking the defender will always let one person through, and two minds are better than one, and four eyes are better than two.
  • A good easy but slow technique is to find a path with lots of bushes, trees and tall grass and to just belly crawl all the way to the flag.
  • Large rushes can be useful in a plethora of ways. You can free the jail, capture the flag, or conveniently forget to come back when the rush finally collapses. Arcing runs are the most useful, as they require the defender to leave their chosen zone. This leaves holes for others to exploit. If no one seems to notice you and you don't feel comfortable rushing in towards a fortified position, don't. Find a concealed position and wait for something to open up.
  • A good distraction is to leave a flashlight on and leave in plain sight so you can possibly capture the flag on your teammate could.
  • When defenders are not nearby , use a flashlight.
  • Know the terrain the game is being played with, if possible. Identify good hiding spots, places where shadows are particularly dark, clear lines of sight, and unobstructed paths for running with the flag.
  • Know your opponent. Know who you can outrun, out maneuver (agility wise), who has the largest ego, as they will not call for help as soon, and who knows the general strategies of capture the flag the best.
  • Build a makeshift fort up in a tree as a command station. Then when others are telling you about areas you can see what their talking about and you can see the enemy (and the enemies flag!).


  • If the game is in a public area (park, etc) and the police show up, do NOT run. A cop seeing a person dressed in all blacks and camouflage will automatically give chase. Instead, calmly explain to the officer that you are playing capture the flag and give the time when you will be done. If a problem arises, call the organizer/team captain for explanation.
  • Watch out for motion sensor lights, especially in an urban environment, for this will give you away every time.
  • Don't take losing too hard--no one likes a sore loser. Remember, it's just a game. Simply call a rematch and beat them in that one.
  • Do not play near cliffs or in a dangerous neighborhood.
  • If playing in another's back yard or on private property of any sort, ALWAYS ask permission. You can get into serious trouble.
  • Be careful not to become dehydrated while playing, as this can lead to serious consequences. A water bottle is a good idea.
  • Make sure that certain objects (like radios or small flashlights) are allowed by the rules.
  • Firecrackers/other devices may be illegal where you are playing. They can also catch fire to whatever trees or grass are around you. Consider alternate remote noise-making devices (alarm clocks?).
  • Have some sort of game-wide identifier that EVERYONE playing knows in case someone from the street decides to start trouble.
  • Don't disturb the neighbors, you wouldn't like to be kept up all night.

Things You'll Need

  • Friends to play against
  • Camouflage or dark clothing
  • A flag (preferably light colored)
  • (optional) 2-way radios, enough for a whole team--headsets with radios make this a lot more convenient
  • (optional) night vision goggles/scopes
  • (optional) noisemakers that can be activated at a distance (firecrackers, timed alarms i.e.

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