How to win a man Sagittarius?

Men born under the sign of Sagittarius are straightforward, optimistic, freedom-loving. A Sagittarius man is proud of his achievements, knowledge in any field, his home, his family, his friends, his citizenship, everything that one can be proud of. And God forbid hinting to him that his pride is not justified - he will instantly be offended and withdraws into himself, feeling humiliated. Sagittarius can act reasonably, honestly, is able to make an important decision, has a sense of honor. So how to win the heart of a male Sagittarius, so freedom-loving and open?

Win the love of male Sagittarius

For male archers, love is first and foremost an adventure. It may seem ridiculous romance, relationships in general, in general, that the rest are taken seriously. During the "getting" any girl behaves vigorously and aggressively, but, having achieved the heart of his sweetheart, can quickly cool. Often, Sagittarius companions think that their relationship is much more serious than it actually is.How to win a man Sagittarius? Give it a variety. Do not restrict his freedom, otherwise you will not keep him near yourself. Less stupid questions, less threat of parting (and it’s better to avoid it at all). Accept life as he did, and then you can enter his life for a long time. Ardent passionate love for a Sagittarius man is more valuable than a stable relationship, but a few years of true love will tie him to you securely.

A Sagittarius man likes noisy companies, people with similar interests in music, food, entertainment. Of course, like all men, Sagittarius loves beautiful girls, but does not linger with them for long if they cannot impress him with their intellect. The Sagittarius man loves to learn everything new, so he is interested in all spheres of life: from history and politics to the occult and psychology. Sagittarius wants to see his half groomed, interesting, attractive, pleasant to talk to - so that it would not be a shame to appear with her in society.

To win a Sagittarius man, you need to be patient, always share his interests, even if they are not at all female, in any case do not call his dreams and plans “stupid” and be able toforgive reckless remarks. But the reward for such efforts is not bad - Sagittarius excellent husbands and great fathers.

Marriage to Sagittarius

Sagittarius can not be forced to fall in love with yourself, it is impossible to marry yourself. The peculiarity of this man is that he always chooses himself. But if you really liked this man, prepare to be patient and inventive. Do not try to tie a Sagittarius man to his family and house by force, otherwise you will only see how he escapes from this very house. Do not consider it your property, your property, even if you are already married. For Sagittarius, a home is a place where you can spend the night, have a snack, take a shower. No more and no less. If you can create the right atmosphere, you will become a beloved wife.

Sagittarius Sex

First of all, in bed, Sagittarius enjoys the youth, the beauty of the partner. Sagittarius never lies and does not play dishonestly, so he can say openly about his adventures on the side. He also likes to meet for one night, but if you want a more serious relationship, you will need to demonstrate that a male Sagittarius can trust you.Do not use sex as a motivation or as a weapon - it can offend Sagittarius and give it a compelling way to care.

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