How to weave a ribbon into a braid

Plain spit. If you weavebraidnot from the tail, then you can add to itthe tapeat any level. Foldthe tapeIn half, place the middle under the hair, where you will start weaving. Divide the hair into three strands, attach the ends of the tape to the right and left. Start weaving as usual. At the end, connect the hair of all the strands, tie the bundle with tape, tie a knot. If desired, issue a bow. Keep in mind that the length of the tape should correspond to the length of the hair.
French braid. Usuallythe tapeThis hairstyle is woven when all the hair is already involved in weaving. In this case, the process is similar to how it happens with a regular braid. But you can weavethe tape(it is better to choose a thin product, for example, a satin ribbon) still on the crown. To do this, you need to separate part of the hair, place the middle of the ribbon under them and start weaving, gradually adding strands from the side of the head.
Spit from the tail. If the ponytail is assembled on the head, you can tie the elastic band twice, tie a knot.After that, divide the hair into three strands, add to the right and leftthe tapeand braid usualbraid. At the end connect the hair, tie them with tape ends.
Greek braid. Suchbraiddecorate when the hairstyle is fully established. To do this, use a thinthe tapemade of smooth material. Put it in the interweaving of hair where the braid originates, align the ends. Alternately startthe tapebetween strands. For convenience, you can use a large hook for needlework or a homemade device. To make it, take the simplest handle and thin smooth lace (1-2 mm in diameter). Fold the string in half, place the ends in the hole of the rod, so that they go inside by 3-4 cm, put several toothpicks in there too, so that the resulting loop does not slip out. Insert the handle bar into the weave, loop into the loopthe tape, gently pull the device. Hide the ends of the tape between the straps.

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