How to wear sapphire?

Sapphire - a precious stone, refers to the corundum minerals. The chemical composition and properties close to ruby. includes shades of blue, yellow, green and even black. Of particular value are crystals of saturated blue (cornflower) color. Pure stones, without extra impurities, are rarely found in nature and bypass cost of popular diamonds.

The color palette of this mineral is diverse. Each shade of stone in its own way affects the owner of the jewelry. Therefore, in the form of jewelry it is recommended to wear the kind of sapphire that fits the emotional state of a person at the moment. In addition, it has long been assumed that precious stones have a mystical effect on human health, relieving illnesses and bringing spiritual harmony.

Yellow sapphire

The stone of these shades is a rare mineral. Protects the owner from the evil eye and damage, is considered a strong amulet. The positive energy of the stone helps to fight against unfounded fears and anxiety. Helps in getting rid of depression, prevents nervous breakdowns.However, it is not recommended to wear this mineral constantly.

Yellow sapphires with defects should be avoided, since they emit negative energy

And if the stone is also acquired unfairly, then it is able to harm the owner.

Pink sapphire

This stone of pink shades is not often found among natural. Wearing is recommended with caution, as it is able to materialize the thoughts and desires of the possessor. Therefore, choosing jewelry with pink sapphire requires a positive attitude, as negative thoughts can cause harm to the owner of the stone. It is recommended to wear to people who want to feel the fullness of life.

How to wear sapphire?

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Green sapphire

This stone develops a feeling of attentiveness, kindness, compassion towards other people. Struggles with insomnia, besides, it is considered a therapeutic tool for its owners suffering from eye diseases.

Black sapphire

Opaque mineral of black color with a characteristic luster. Suitable for the owner as a strong guard against evil forces, reliably protects from enemies. Struggling with depression and terrible well-being.Returns to the owner vivacity of spirit, gives optimism and gives faith in strength.

Blue Sapphire

The saturated color of cornflower blue is considered the classic color of this mineral. Due to this shade, it gained popularity all over the world, has earned recognition among the persons of royal blood. It is a symbol of loyalty and chastity, brings good luck to the owner in family matters. Patronizes sages, enhances the desire for knowledge. Beneficially affects the human heart, relieves headaches, treats eye diseases.

Recommendations for wearing sapphire

Sapphire - a symbol of wisdom and loyalty. Adds to the owner composure, protects against betrayal and betrayal.

Traditionally, this stone is chosen by people who have left adolescence.

It is believed that the healing properties are revealed to the greatest extent for the older generation.

This mineral is less suitable for young and energetic people. However, jewelry for young girls in the form of earrings with small stones, framed in gold of red or yellow color, will give the beautiful owners a sense of responsibility and a little emotional restraint.

Blue sapphire in combination with white gold is considered an ideal canoe for special occasions. Be it a bracelet, a ring in combination with earrings - this jewelry will harmoniously complement the evening dress.

A positive effect when wearing sapphire is achieved if a stone was given by a loved one. The stolen minerals are able to bring the owner of disease and unhappiness. It is recommended to avoid jewelry in which the sapphire is presented with foreign inclusions.

How to wear sapphire?

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Who will suit sapphire jewelry?

The stone itself has a soothing and calming effect. Ideal as a talisman. This is especially true for people born under the constellation Leo, Sagittarius or Aquarius. But Scorpios and Capricorn sapphire in this capacity is unlikely to work. The former are too emotional for such a talisman, the latter are already too restrained.

Sapphire will suit travelers, giving them extra strength on the road, eliminating fatigue, will make the path safer.Decorations made of this stone are the ideal solution for creative people. This mineral will help to unleash talent in full force, open up inner potential, give peace of mind, drive away depression away.

When choosing jewelry should pay attention to the compatibility of sapphire with other stones.

When choosing jewelry should pay attention to the compatibility of sapphire with other stones

Blue corundum perfectly coexist with opal, topaz, malachite, white coral. Neighborhood with alexandrite, emerald, pearls, jasper is not recommended.

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