With what to wear a trendy cage?

Clothing in a cage at the height of fashion, but to look stylish in it, you need to learn how to wear it properly. Learn the basic rules and create your vivid image!

How to make the right choice?

Some people think that clothes in a cage are not for everyone, but they are not. In fact, if you choose the right print, you can not only create a stylish image, but also hide some figure flaws. And to look fashionable and attractive, remember and follow a few rules:

  1. Remember that the cell visually increases the volume, but it can be used advantageously. So, place the print in that part of the body that is less voluminous. For example, if your type of figure is a pear, then you can wear a plaid shirt or jacket and discreet monochromatic bottom to balance both parts of the body. And if you have narrow hips, feel free to choose a skirt in a cage.
  2. The size of the cell matters: the larger it will be, the larger the part of the body it will be on. But a small cell of this effect, as a rule, does not.
  3. Important design and location of the picture. For example, an oblique or diagonal cell will visually stretch out the silhouette and hide some of the shortcomings. Wide horizontal stripes, on the contrary, will increase the volume. And if you focus on the vertical elements, you can slightly increase the growth and lengthen the body.
  4. Pay attention to the colors: the more contrasting the cell and the background, the brighter the image. But at the same time, such a catchy print can play a cruel joke with you and increase the volume or draw attention to those parts of the body that would be worth hiding. Restrained tones will make the image more calm and elegant.
  5. Evaluate the fabric from which the thing is sewn, since it plays an important role in the perception of the drawing. For example, elastic and stretching materials may cause the cell to collapse and deform, making it fuzzy and sloppy. In addition, similar fabrics in unfavorable light will expose all small defects, such as excess volume and folds. Transparent material, firstly, will make the drawing incomprehensible and blurry, and secondly, it will introduce unnecessary and inappropriate vulgarity into the image.
  6. Another important point - cut.First, it must match your figure and emphasize its dignity. Secondly, pay attention to the joints of all the details: the common print in them should not be broken, otherwise the elements will break or intersect unsuccessfully, spoiling the whole image.

How to wear clothes in a cage?

Fashionable clothes in a cage can spoil the whole image and make it ridiculous if it is wrong to combine it with other components of the set. And what can you wear such things with? It all depends on what you have chosen.

You should start with trendy checkered dresses. Such a thing in itself is accent and bright, so does not need additional catchy elements. If you choose a dress with a slim fit, then you can wear a leather jacket over it, which will create an interesting contrast to femininity and brutality.

Also fit into the image of a monochromatic trench coat or coat. Dress shirt dress will be perfectly combined with a denim jacket, and to highlight the waist, use a thin strap.

Among young people, a shirt in a cage is becoming more and more popular, which, from the men's wardrobe, smoothly and successfully migrated to the female.It can be worn with jeans of any cut: "boyfriends", pipes, straight. Monoton trousers from cotton or denim will do.

In the warm season, you can wear denim or fabric shorts or skirt. And the shirt is better to fill, to emphasize the waist and not to create the impression of the absence of the lower part of the set (it may be completely closed).

Interesting and stylish look trousers in a cage, which previously wore dudes and dudes. Today, this thing is available to everyone, and this must be taken advantage of. Wear it with different T-shirts, tops, plain shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeves and even blouses. But the top should be selected in view of the cut and style of the trousers: if it is a strict silhouette and an elegant cell, then the second component of the set should correspond and be just as restrained.

A jacket or a trendy elongated vest will allow to dilute and refresh even the most strict and boring image: a cell will revive a plain background, and an interesting cut will add something new to the style, and as a result the overall impression will change. But all other things should be more calm and low-key.

If you choose outerwear, then feel free to consider such options as checkered coats, knitted cardigans, trench coats.Such things can fit in a strict office, and in everyday, and even in a romantic and feminine style, depending on the cut and other components of the set.

A universal thing can be considered a skirt in a cage, as it does not belong to the same style and can be suitable for everyday wear, as well as for office and study, meetings with friends and even dates and parties. So, a straight cut is a strict style, the pencil model is favorably underlined, but not exposed, sexuality, and a flared hem is elegance and soft femininity. Depending on their performance, you can combine plaid skirts with a variety of things: tops, T-shirts, blouses, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts.

Tip: if the cage is your favorite print, allow yourself a checkered suit. But the best option top would be a vest.


Finally, a few recommendations:

  • In order not to look motley in the photo and in life, make only one accent. And since it will be precisely the checkered thing, the other components of the image should be more restrained.
  • The cage is best combined with monotonous things, especially if you do not intend to stand out from the crowd and should look restrained.
  • Choose the most discreet and elegant shoes.Depending on the style of the checkered thing, it can be shoes or ankle boots, slip-ons, ballet flats, sneakers, sneakers, shoes with heels or wedges.
  • You can combine a cage with other prints, for example, with inscriptions, stripes, simple geometric patterns. One large flower or another image may be relevant. But in any case, the tandem should not be too variegated, so let one print stand out and the other play the role of the background.
  • Try to combine different variants of the cage: elements of the same color, but of different sizes, which coincide in shape, but differ in tone and so on. But between such things it is better to leave a small monochromatic space, create a border or dilute them.
  • The basic tone should be combined with the components of the cell, at least one of them.
  • Print can support accessories, such as a bag or hat.

Wear a cage safely, but following the rules listed above.

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