How to wash a car

It is best to wash the car immediately after the trip, when the dirt is still dry.
If the car is washed from a hose, then you can not use a strong pressure of water, otherwise you can damage the paintwork. Strong pressure can be used only if the bottom of the car is washed.
When it is necessary to wash a car with dried dirt, it is important not to damage the coating. It is best to pre-soften the dried dirt with water. In no case can you use hard metal scraping. Most often, the process of washing looks like this: the car is poured over with water and left for a few minutes to soften all the dirt. You can wash the car with a special shampoo and a sponge that treats all areas of the car. If the car is very dirty, then optimally drive it to the overpass, and washed out from below. Then you can wash from the roof to the bottom. The wheels are washed last. When the body is treated with shampoo, it must be thoroughly rinsed with water from a hose.
There is in the process of washing a very important procedure, which car owners do not always pay attention to. On a clean surface almost always drops of water. They work like a magnifier. They concentrate the sun's rays, resulting in the formation of whitish spots on the body. To avoid this, it is necessary to wash the car with a suede cloth prepared in advance. It is wetted in clean water and wrung out carefully. When all drops are removed, the body can be cleaned with a dry cloth.
Car washing procedure should be carried out with warm or cool water. Do not wash the car with hot water. The difference between the temperature of the water and the car body should not exceed 15-20 degrees. But washing with hot water will lead to the formation of microcracks in the coating. As a result, the paint of the car will collapse very quickly. Therefore, if the car is washed during the cold season, then it should be placed in a warm place before the washing procedure. After washing the surface of the car should be thoroughly wiped off.
In the process of washing the glass must be given special attention. Experts do not recommend wiping them with dry wipes.After all, dry dust and dirt, falling on a napkin, work like sandpaper. As a result, the glass is scratched and eventually dims.

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