How to visually enlarge breasts

You will need
  • - bronzer or sparkling powder;
  • - bra "push-up";
  • - long beads.
Small breasts are not a problem if you know some tricks. The first step is correct posture. If you slouch, the volume of this part of the body will only decrease. Straighten your shoulders, pull them back and slightly lower. Keep your back straight, retract your stomach and keep it in good shape, and pull the pelvis back slightly. Always control yourself, follow your posture and gait.
Visually increase the size of the breast will help properly selected underwear. Choose a bra of the right size and shape. Bra "push-up" will help to move and simultaneously lift both breasts, and this will give additional volume. In the shops you can find underwear with special foam or silicone liners. But this option is not combined with deep cleavage.
If you want to increase your breasts, then choose the right clothes. Pick up things of light tones.For example, it will be especially beneficial to look white. In this case, the lower part of the set should be monochromatic and preferably dark. Choose a neckline suitable forms: square, trapezoidal or V-shaped. But remember that too deep a cut can ruin everything. High or volumetric collars are also appropriate. And fitting dresses, t-shirts and sweaters should be avoided. You are more suitable models of free styles. Some details will help to add volume: ruffles, flounces, ruffles, folds. But do not overdo it, otherwise the situation will worsen. Choose tops, sweaters, sweaters and horizontal stripes or large patterns.
Be careful when choosing accessories. A thick chain located at chest level can visually reduce the volume. But long beads or a thin chain with a pendant will make the breast more appetizing and sexy. But limit to one accessory and do not choose too bright and catchy, otherwise all attention will be paid to him, and not to the body.
Visually enlarge the breast will help cosmetics. Use sparkling powder or bronzer. In the area of ​​the hollow, apply a bronzer of dark tones, and with a light bronzer mark the protruding parts. All lines and transitions blend so that there are no obvious contours.It is important not to overdo the makeup, otherwise you will look ridiculous and unnatural.

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