How to understand that a man has no serious intentions

Reason # 1: He plays a secret agent.

How else can you identify the reason why he presents you to his friends or acquaintances solely by name, even if, in response to their companions, they mean “my Masha” or “my wife”? And you, like a friend or colleague, are standing next to you. It is also worth to sound the alarm if your young man jerks every time from any tactile urge on your part, explaining that he is not a supporter of any feelings in people. The society never embarrassed the people in love, even the most modest and closed couples, without a twinge of conscience, go holding hands or embrace. The reason for such dodgy male behavior is always the same: in the eyes of people, especially acquaintances, he still wants to seem a free man, which, in fact, shows in all its glory.

How to understand that a man has no serious intentions

Reason number 2: He does not introduce you to mom

A man may well postpone meeting with his parents at the very last moment, thus denoting the importance of such an event.There are those who equate acquaintance with mom to an unofficial proposal of the hand and heart, because they are not ready to go into the house of every young lady who met him on the way. And this position deserves respect! But if you already live a long, long time, sharing with him a common territory and happiness with grief, and he still pushes your acquaintance with his parents, then it’s worthwhile to think about why he does it. Most likely, he is not yet completely confident in his own choice, and therefore pulls with the official part. Even worse, when a man in response to all questions begins to pour yogurt into his ears, complaining about his mother's weak heart, which will not withstand the fact that the son already meets girls. Or improvises on the topic: "I save you from relatives, which tomorrow will require grandchildren."

Reason number 3: it does not help you financially

Anything in women's life happens, up to a turn into a credit minus because of new shoes or a more mundane need to cure teeth, which is more often the usual expensive and like snow on your head. And if your partner throws up his hands and wriggles out like an earthworm: they say, oh, how not at the right time, yesterday I just spent everything on car parts,- but in the end neither offers material support, nor offers a way out of the situation, then you should think about whether the knight is with you. If a man is ready to share with you only happiness, he is worth a penny! He is not ready to invest financially, if he’s not particularly certain in his choice, and I’m sure - well, why waste money!

How to understand that a man has no serious intentions

Reason number 4: he does not make real plans for the future.

Vote about how many children he wants to carry in a wheelchair and what kind of house to build in the country, anyone can. Therefore, to believe every word is still not worth it. It is better to believe in actions, especially if they are committed before the wedding, and most often these actions relate to the house and the equipment of the family nest. Buying a sofa or other furniture, joint repair - even in a rented area, the choice of home appliances at least speak about the readiness of a man to live together. But if he merges his entire salary solely on his gadgets and suits, partially cutting the costs of utility payments and products, it is already possible to judge that a man is working next to you solely for his own benefit, without any special plans for the future!

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