How to turn an old garden house into a "candy" for a penny

  • Anonymous

    how was the barn and stayed

    • Anonymous

      Girls are clever, and you are not

    • Anonymous

      And you probably wanted him to become a cottage?

    • Tatyana

      And I like it. It reminded me of my childhood, my grandmother's little house, in which it was always clean, cozy and warm.

    • Anonymous

      Similarly, just put cleanliness. Given the weakness of the girls' hands, the other, probably, should not have been expected, but all the dilapidation and insecurity of the building was not disguised. And the color scheme of the exterior design is, of course, a matter of taste, but its wilderness is obvious.

  • valentina

    Well done girls and do not listen to anyone, do as you like

  • Anonymous

    with the main thing you need to start from the roof, otherwise all your work will go wrong.

  • Marina

    Yes, the roof overlap MANDATORY! And as for the budget repair and for the soul is very cute, go ahead

    • Marina

      The roof is already closed. Everything is good, it does not flow

      • Anonymous

        And clever !!!!!!

      • therapist

        Girls umnichki! Any effort is commendable. But for some reason I did not see the oven .... how do you heat it to dry it especially in spring in the fall or do you live somewhere in warm lands?

  • Natalia

    Well done girls! Of course, I immediately wanted to scream: “The roof! First of all - the roof! Beauty to guide - then. "I am glad to read in the comments that you have decided this vital problem! And for the soul they made very cozy rooms. I wish you success!

  • Anonymous

    the main thing is clean and comfortable)))) eyes are afraid - hands are doing !!!!!

  • Tamara

    The main thing is very talented, creative girls, to make such beauty out of nothing! Great!

  • Victoria

    Cute, hardworking girls. For them, this house is their achievement at the moment. For someone, this is a barn, but for girls it is a small palace. Their own!

  • Olga

    It's a nice little village, it's cozy in it.

  • Very cool. Congratulations :). Live happily ever after 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Well done sis !!! Everything was done right, with what you need to start!

  • Anonymous

    Well done girls.

  • Natasha

    Well done! So I feel your enthusiasm!

  • Andru

    Barbie house ...

  • Anonymous

    The girls are just clever, repairs made by their strength and capabilities. Over time, everything will only improve, for myself I know, there would be a desire.

  • Tatyana

    Cottage under high-voltage wires?

  • Iraida

    If under power lines, it is just life threatening, urgently sell if someone buys! Standard 20-30m from power lines

  • Alexey

    The urn at the head of the bed is strong! :)))

  • Olga

    I also drew attention to the power lines just above the house, which is probably why the house was so cheaply sold.

  • Humangurubhang

    From the power lines, the external aura is well recharged and the chakra does not languish for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    Your repair is even more stressed - the poor and poverty. Although the peacock plant on the roof - garbage.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder where such prices for wallpaper found?

  • Anonymous

    Well done girls! Everything is very beautiful! Keep it up !!!

  • Valery.

    I'm not anonymous, I'm Valery.

  • Larisa

    well done

  • Olga

    Good to be young. All you have ahead of the lovely girls.

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