How to treat prostatitis at home?

Among the "male" diseases, prostatitis is one of the most common, and in fact for any representative of the strong half of humanity, the health of the prostate gland is no less important than the health of the heart. According to WHO, one third of the male population of the planet experienced symptoms of the disease.

What is the danger of prostatitis, and what therapeutic methods are the most effective? For this pathology, characterized by the variability of forms, there is no single method of therapy, and effective appointments for one patient can be completely useless for another. But even with different methods, according to experts, home treatment of prostatitis must necessarily be part of a comprehensive program to restore the health of a man.

Drug therapy and home healing

It often happens that when the first symptoms appear, the sick person is not in a hurry to seek help from a doctor until they try the available folk remedies at home on their own.This is the wrong way to recovery, because without medicine, many forms of prostatitis cannot be treated.

For example, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, caused by bacteria such as ureaplasma and mycoplasma, prostatitis without antibiotics is unbeatable. Only a specialist can make a scheme of therapy depending on the diagnosed form and severity of the pathology, carefully think over the appointments in accordance with the individual characteristics of the organism. Prescribed medications in some cases can be taken at home for more than one month, especially in the chronic form.

No innovations and massages at home can not adequately compete with pharmacological drugs and experience. Therefore, when identifying disturbing symptoms, it is necessary to immediately visit a doctor, whose appointments can and should be combined with home methods of treating the disease. Especially since there are a great many of them on the basis of products, plants, and propolis. There are proven methods of massage and gymnastics, warm baths and diets. In this article, we will look at the most effective home-based treatments for prostatitis.

The first signs of the disease

In men who are diagnosed with different forms of prostatitis, there are similar symptoms, to which you can include:

  • difficulty urinating resulting from inflammation of the prostate gland, compressing the urinary canal;
  • pain in the process of urination;
  • problems with erection and reduced orgasm;
  • acceleration of ejaculation;
  • decreased potency;
  • mental problems expressed in depression and anxiety.

For patients with prostatitis it is necessary to tune in to an optimistic mood and to avoid stresses that weaken the body and make it difficult to take therapy. Anti-depressants, which are included in the treatment course, help to avoid the feeling of depression.

Why there is a disease

The causes of prostatitis are diverse, but at the heart of each of them is the patient's disregard for his health. So, because of what the pathology develops:

  • from infections transmitted through sexual contact;
  • in violation of blood circulation in the pelvis, associated with a sedentary lifestyle and work;
  • from prolonged abstinence, frequent interruptions of sexual intercourse or artificial lengthening;
  • due to impaired immunity;
  • with frequent supercooling, which is typical for extreme sportsmen and workers of the North;
  • under stress;
  • as a result of hormonal imbalance;
  • in connection with deficiency of useful substances (vitamins and microelements);
  • at non-observance of hygienic rules.

In order to normalize and maintain an optimal level of testosterone in the body, the diet includes products with zinc content, walking classes and a complex of daily morning exercises.

Healing remedies from products and plants

The first product that comes to mind when asked about the methods of treatment of prostatitis at home is pumpkin seeds, which are legendary. They have been used for a long time and not in vain, because they contain a huge amount of zinc, previously mentioned in the article, which is such an important element for men's health.

Eating thirty pumpkin seeds once a day before a meal can significantly speed up the healing process or maintain prostate health for prevention. But this is not the only product used in folk medicine:

  1. The first recipe is also with seeds. A pound of raw seeds are peeled, minced with a meat grinder and mixed with honey in the amount of two hundred grams. The mass is formed into balls, similar to walnuts, and stored in the refrigerator.Folk medicine is taken before meals for two balls every day, chewing thoroughly. A course of therapy once a year will allow you to forget about chronic prostatitis.
  2. The second recipe from chestnuts shell, which is poured boiling water, insist an hour and drink instead of tea. The same infusion is used in the form of an enema. You can also use mature chestnuts in treatment, for which:
  • they are peeled, crushed, poured boiling water, insist night;
  • in the morning they filter and heat in a water bath;
  • poured into a dark container;
  • take thirty drops three times a day before meals, two months.

For complete healing, three courses are needed.

  • The onion method is no less effective, because the vegetable has many useful substances necessary for the male body. Onion therapy treats against prostatitis. The husks are boiled for five minutes and insisted for an hour, after which the broth is squeezed and taken in a teaspoonful three times a day for seven days, with intervals of a couple of weeks.
  • The fourth recipe is of onion itself, finely chopped (one hundred grams) and half a liter of wine (dry, grape), which is insisted for ten days in the dark. Tincture should be drunk three times before eating two spoons.
  • In the treatment of the prostate is used chamomile, mainly in the form of decoctions.
  • Parsley is another natural doctor of the prostate gland. It is used in the form of juice in a tablespoon three times a day or in the form of powder from seeds for making tea.

Juice therapy

There is a delicious way of treating the prostate - homemade fresh juices, which is much more pleasant than decoctions of chestnuts. For their production use beets, carrots with cucumbers, asparagus, especially praised by men. On the day, you should drink no more than half a liter of juice, because freshly squeezed drink increases the excretion of uric acid, the excess of which provokes the disease.

A black elderberry is good for medicinal purposes, from which berries juice is squeezed and taken on an empty stomach in a tablespoon per day, with a course of up to ten days. To improve and preserve the beneficial properties of the berries, table bites are added to the juice, and a slight increase in temperature is regarded as a sign of the effectiveness of the treatment.

Propolis home therapy

Perfectly proven in the treatment of prostatitis propolis, quickly eliminates the symptoms and strengthens the immune system. Therapy is carried out locally, its terms are prescribed by the doctor individually, but on average the course lasts from five days to fourteen.

For local treatment, rectal suppositories are used based on propolis, which must be injected into the rectum twice a day, pre-emptying the intestine and carrying out hygiene measures. Candles are commercially available in the pharmacy chain, but they can be made at home with all the components present.

Homemade propolis suppositories consist of the following ingredients:

  • pharmacy vaseline - eighty grams;
  • wax - eighty grams;
  • lanolin oil or cocoa.

All components are melted in a water bath, they add twenty grams of propolis extract, stirring the mass actively. The composition is poured into molds and cleaned in the refrigerator. Frozen candles are prescribed by a doctor not only for the treatment of the prostate gland, but also for rectal fissures and anorectal diseases.

Massage method

Massage of the prostate gland at home, which is most acceptable for most men, does not fall into the category of pleasant procedures, but successfully helps:

  • normalize blood circulation;
  • improve muscle tone;
  • organize the outflow of secretions from the gland;
  • increase the effectiveness of drug therapy, including antibiotics and antibacterial drugs;
  • to cope with neglected forms.

The method is used for bacterial chronic prostatitis, viral, mixed, gonorrhea. In order to do no harm, it is better to trust the urologist or andrologist, who will perform the procedure in a comfortable home environment. From contraindications to prostate massage can be distinguished malignant lesions, cysts and stones in the prostate gland. Reasons for the procedure can be chronic pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, lack of response to medications and secretion for research.

Additional methods

The therapy of prostatitis differs in many forms, so choosing the most optimal and convenient option will not be difficult.

  1. Good help warm baths with medicinal herbs, reducing pain with discomfort. The subsequent douche in the genital area has a beneficial effect on the stimulation of the functions of the prostate gland and reduces unpleasant sensations.
  2. Gymnastics with the simplest movements available in the home and daily walking for short distances, such as work and back, also reduces the risk of congestive puffiness and helps in the treatment of prostatitis, improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  3. Showing wiping men, if you can not use a douche. They not only strengthen the body, but also set it up to fight inflammation, if the procedure is performed regularly in the mornings and evenings.
  4. The use of microclysters is recognized by doctors, and this home method is recommended by them along with medications. Enemas are prepared from decoctions of herbs of sage, chamomile, series to eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis.
  5. Do not forget about the diet, excluding prohibited foods from the category of spicy, spicy, salty, fried, alcoholic and other. With the help of a diet, stable remission is achieved.
  6. From the technical innovations we can mention the devices that are designed for home use and have different principles of exposure. There are:
  • vibration devices to eliminate stagnation, increase muscle tone, relieve symptoms of irritation of the genitourinary system;
  • electric, with stimulation of tissues by current;
  • on the basis of magnetic effects, with anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect;
  • infrared laser devices.

Measures to prevent the problem

Prevention is important, prevention is needed not to go to doctors and lead a customary lifestyle, rejoicing every new day. What to do to avoid prostatitis:

  • carefully observe personal hygiene;
  • lead a regular and orderly sex life;
  • be physically active;
  • have in the diet foods with protein, vitamins and microelements in sufficient quantities;
  • monitor the state of immunity;
  • abstain from alcohol and tobacco use;
  • treat any infections promptly;
  • avoid stress.

Treat prostatitis at home is possible, but without amateur. Any popular recipes should be coordinated with the attending physician and used in conjunction with drug therapy, new modern medical developments, allowing faster to achieve high-quality treatment results.

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