How to treat hemorrhoids with mummy

Mumiyo, or mountain pitch - an amazing tool. About 30 valuable substances are present in its chemical composition: there are amino acids, phosphorus, calcium, molybdenum, barium, bee venom, B vitamins, etc. Mumiye relieves puffiness, accelerates the healing of anal fissures and wounds, and also reduces pain. In addition, having antibacterial properties, mummy helps prevent the development of infections that complicate the course of the disease.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with water mummy-based tincture

For the preparation of medicines will need the following components:
- 5 g mummy;
- 100 ml of distilled water.
Grind the mountain tar with a mortar into powder, pour it into a deep container, pour boiled water at 70 ° C. Mixture insist day, after which it is filtered and diluted with cool boiled water (the volume of liquid must be brought to the initial).Take this drug on 1 st.l. before meals. The infusion prepared according to this recipe is stored in the refrigerator for no more than 48 hours.
In addition, the infusion can be prepared according to another recipe:
- 4 g of mountain resin;
- 0.5 liters of distilled water.
Mumie poured warm water, then wait until the mountain resin is completely dissolved, and filter the solution. Next, the healing composition is placed for half an hour in a water bath, after which it is cooled to a comfortable temperature and an enema is performed.

Manufacturing suppository

In order to make medicinal candles at home, you will need such a set of ingredients:
- 2.5 g mummy;
- a few drops of water;
- 150 g cocoa butter.
The crushed mountain gum is mixed with a small amount of water (a pasty mass should be obtained), and then cocoa butter heated in a water bath is added. The components are thoroughly mixed. When the paste cools down, small candles are formed from it (there should be 6 of them) and wrap them with cling film. For rapid hardening candles put in the fridge. The treatment in this case looks like this: a candle is inserted into the anus (the procedure is performed at bedtime).

Ointment on the basis of mountain pitch - an effective remedy for hemorrhoids

Healing ointment is prepared according to the following recipe:
- 4 g mummy;
- 45 g of boiled lard;
- a few drops of distilled water.
The mountain gum pounded in powder is diluted with water and carefully mixed (thick paste should turn out). Then fat is gradually added to the mixture and the components are mixed again. Properly prepared ointment homogeneous consistency: there are no grains and lumps. This drug lubricates the hemorrhoids. Store the ointment in a glass jar in the refrigerator for no more than a week.

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