How to treat frequent headaches

Folk remedies

Folk remedies can help with a severe headache, only to get rid of this misfortune forever. You can drink strong coffee or tea. Thanks to the caffeine, which is in their composition, it will be possible to bring the blood circulation in order, but this headache can be relieved only for a certain period of time. The best remedy is green tea.
When a headache is caused by overwork, it is recommended to eat herring. It really helps, so this way is worth trying. You can also put sauerkraut in gauze or scarf, and attach to the temples and ears. The pain should be released after 15 minutes, but only need to relax. If there is no sauerkraut, then you should attach fresh. The effect will not be worse. Valerian is a good remedy for headaches and should be drunk during seizures. It is also recommended to take a bath with a decoction of this plant.

Drug treatment

It is important to remember that medical treatment should be prescribed by a doctor, because the drugs can be harmful. However, you can take pills that relieve spasm and relieve headaches. "Spasmalgon" will help to cope with the problem, you need to take 1 pill and wait half an hour, if not help, then you can drink another one.
A good tool is also "Baralgin." It should be taken in the same way as “Spazmalgon”, but for severe headaches, it is allowed to drink 2 tablets at once. You can still try to take a pill of dipyrone, but you need to remember about the contraindications of this drug.

Unconventional treatment

If medicines are powerless against headaches, then you can turn to unconventional methods of treatment. For example, acupuncture helps to cope with this problem. In a few sessions, you will be able to feel better, and headaches will become less and less troublesome. Yoga will also improve your body. Thanks to this practice, it will be possible to get rid of many diseases, and not just from headaches. Here you just need to do daily, then the effect will be noticeable soon.
You can try to cope with this problem with homeopathic remedies, but you cannot do without expert advice. After all, the whole process must be strictly controlled, otherwise the effect may not be.

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