How to transfer money from WebMoney to a bank card

You will need
  • - personal passport or higher;
  • - Bank details.
The possibility of withdrawing funds from WebMoney systems to a bank card has personalized users. Therefore, you should make sure that you have a personal certificate. If you do not have one, you need to get it.
The first thing to start with is the creation of a withdrawal request. To do this, you need to log in to the website and select the "Withdraw" item in the "R-Purses" menu. Be careful: money transfers are made to your ruble accounts of banks of the Russian Federation. You must be a resident.
Forming a withdrawal request
In the window that appears, you will be prompted to enter your bank details:
- Name of the bank;
- BIC;
- TIN of the bank;
- correspondent account of the bank;
- your account number;
- Full name of the recipient.
Most of the information will be entered automatically, based on the data provided upon receipt of the certificate.
The next step will be the introduction of the amount to withdraw. You will have two windows in front of you: “receive” - the amount to be received, and “give away the WMR”, that is, the amount with the commission. Both of these windows are active. You can enter the desired amount to be received, and you can withdraw the entire balance, taking into account the commission.
On the next page you will be asked to familiarize yourself with the agreement and accept it, that is, to confirm the request for withdrawal by clicking the "Forward" button. Now, employees of the Banking service will work on the withdrawal operation. After checking the bank details you entered within one business day, the funds will be transferred.
After checking the details and when making a money transfer, the corresponding messages are sent to the keeper. You can also find out about the fact of the transfer to by going to the “History” menu item.
After the transfer of money to a bank card, you will be able to attach the account to the WMID. This procedure is available with bank cards such as VISA and MasterCard. In the future, the transfer to the attached accounts will take place without prior verification of data by company employees.
Also, the completed bank data of one or several banks can be saved as a template. This will save you from re-entering information during subsequent withdrawals of money to the current account. Templates are also subject to verification, after which their status changes to “verified”. In this case, there is no need to bind a bank card to a WMID, while the period of transfer of money will also be reduced.
When withdrawing money to a bank account, the commission is 15 rubles. plus traditional WebMoney commission systems - 0.8% of the amount transferred.
Helpful advice
Users of the WebMoney system with verified personal data can attach a MasterCard or VISA bank card to a WMID. After this procedure, the card will be visible in the list of wallets. The transfer of funds to it will be carried out under the simplified mode, by analogy with a regular wallet.

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