How to tie to bed?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
October 28, 2014
How to tie to bed?

You can diversify your sexual relations both between a man and a girl, and between spouses who have been married for several years, with the help of sex games. One of the types of love joys is sex, when a partner has his hands tied to the bed.

How to tie a woman or a man to a bed?

Before you tie your partner to bed, you need to negotiate with him the possibility of sex in this form. Perhaps this type of entertainment is completely unacceptable for a person, and by your actions you will cause him psychological trauma. If there is no “taboo” in bed for partners, then you need to prepare for this in advance.

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How to do this in practice?

You can tie both a man and a woman to the bed, you can use any available materials that are best prepared in advance. These can be belts, ropes, bandages, special handcuffs from the sex shop, long scarves and stoles, etc.The main condition for tying hands to the headboard is painlessness.

You need to do everything carefully so as not to give your partner unpleasant feelings, since this fact can discourage him from all the desire to make love. But you need to tie quite tightly so that the girl / boyfriend does not accidentally escape from the "captivity" during the caresses. But do not get carried away and put "sea knots" so that later you can easily untie them without resorting to scissors.

You can tie a sexual partner only to the bed that has a back - wooden or iron. Unfortunately, to implement such a plan on a sofa or sofa will not work.

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