How to tie pants?

Knitted warm pants - this is undoubtedly a necessary and, one can say, a necessary thing for the baby. But even clothes like pants should not look boring and unattractive. If you look at today's models, you can see: a beautiful combination of colors, beautiful beads, rhinestones, fastened to clothes, and simple patterns make today's models very attractive. It is necessary to tie the thing beautifully, neatly and in fashion. Turning on, you will see the latest model of pants from Harumidori designs.

So, we know what pants are now remains to learn how to knit pants kid. Although most adults will not wear hand-knitted trousers, children and babies look charming in them. Not all people are engaged in needlework and not everyone knows how to knit pants. But it does not matter. You will be helped by many sites with descriptions and accurate knitting instructions, with step-by-step actions on photos. Knitting these beautiful little things you can do in your free time, sitting in front of the TV at home, in the circle of relatives.

In order to get started, you need to have materials for knitting.These are materials such as: circular knitting needles, yarn, measuring tape. And here, how to knit knit pants, now we just find out. Threads can be chosen thick or thin, but preferably not very thin. Color will be much easier to choose. Consider the question of how to tie pants for a girl and try to answer it. The girl will suit such colors as: pink, red, purple, orange, yellow. And if you have a boy, then: blue, gray, black, green. Pants are two identical parts (each leg knits separately), which then will need to be stitched together (imagine, for example, sliders).

The number of loops depends on the threads, on their thickness - it is impossible to simply type in the description, but it may turn out not the size that is needed. First you need to tie a sample (10 * 10 cm) and calculate how much you have, it turned out in 1 cm of loops. It is even possible to wash the sample, and then make measurements (all of a sudden the threads will shrink). Then you need to measure what should be the width of the leg of the bottom, and find out how many loops you need to dial. And now let's start knitting the trouser leg below:

  • Step 1: we use a rubber band to add the number of loops, which is equal to the width of the leg (around the ankle), multiply by the number of loops in one centimeter (as in the sample). We knit approximately in height 3 centimeters. Then we add evenly about 10 loops and begin to knit the main pattern.
  • 2nd step: We knit in height until we tie up to the waist, at the same time, it is necessary to add evenly one loop (for example, in every fourth row) so that the pants will extend upwards.
  • 3rd step: We will tie a little more (approximately 2�4 cm) so that when the child is sitting down, the priest does not become bare and a little more in order to bend and insert the rubber.
  • 4th step: And now we sew leg work together on the same principle as the sliders.
  • 5th step: Insert the gum.

That's all, pants ready. There is nothing more pleasant for a mother or grandmother how to give your baby warmth, in a way like knitting baby pants and other interesting things.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you decide not to make a pattern, then perhaps the clothes you get are not the size you expected.
  • It is preferable to wash knitted clothes in a washing machine. It will not be damaged.

Create your own hands for your beloved babies beautiful clothes that have great energy. After all, you�ll get them very cozy and unique, the main thing is to put your love, warmth and affection in them. Enjoy your needlework and, I hope, the information turned out to be useful!

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