Many employees are afraid of conflicts at work. Therefore, unquestioningly perform additional tasks. To such an employee the colleagues and the head address. A person pulls his job, performs additional tasks, remains overtime. The question arises, who is he - a workaholic, gentle person or a coward? The main reason for which employees agree to an additional burden is the fear of dismissal or loss of trust of the chief. As practice shows, it does not turn out to gain credibility and break out into leadership positions, pleasing others. How to say no to the boss?

Why are we afraid to refuse?

At work, it is not customary to act alone. Help between colleagues is needed. If there is no mutual assistance, then this is no longer a collective. Everyone does a certain piece of work, not caring about the result. Therefore, mutual assistance should be in the team. Under this concept lies voluntary and mutual assistance. But, more often it happens differently. Colleagues and supervisor find a workhorse and charge extra tasks.

How to say no to the boss?

Why are we afraid to refuse? Employees are driven by such reasons:

  1. The desire to establish itself as a responsible employee. At first, it even turns out. But, the volume of tasks will grow, but nobody canceled the main work. As a result, the employee makes mistakes and gets reprimanded.
  2. Low self-esteem. There is a category of people who believe that only by performing other people's tasks and helping others, they become necessary. Direct duties and own desires go into the background. The main thing to please others.
  3. Desire to become an indispensable employee. Such a person represents a universal and unique employee, without whom the boss is afraid and step to step.

They are afraid to say no to modest people or people who shy away from conflicts. It is easier for such individuals to fulfill a request than to object. If you learned in the description of yourself, then it's time to fight back.

Why do you need to learn to say "no"?

Even if regular agreement is not a fear or a character trait, but a developed strategy, the consequences cannot be avoided. Fatigue accumulates, resulting in breakdowns. A person has to stay overtime or fill up the main work.Why do you need to learn to say "no"?

How to say no to the boss?

  1. Employees and chef do not appreciate. Get used to good quickly. If you heard the characterization of such an employee, you would be surprised. He is described as a person who never refuses and does any work. If at any time you have to refuse because of a good reason, then you will also be offended.
  2. There is a psychological and emotional burnout. To pull a few tasks you have to put a lot of effort. There is no time for proper rest, fear of not completing the task leads to stress. Emotions at the limit. In this state, the employee will not last long.
  3. Grievances appear. A subordinate who plows for two or three suffers discontent over time. It seems to him that the boss does not appreciate and does not respect. Such thoughts lead to an open conflict with the boss. The infuriated and twisted employee expresses everything he thinks.

The result of the consequences is dismissal, voluntary or at the direction of the head. It turns out that the fear of saying "no" led to the loss of work. Fears still came true. Plus, lost strength, health and interest in work.

How to say no to the boss?

To develop, get a promotion and be an individual, do not forget about their own interests. When applying for a job you get a job description, which spelled out obligations. For high-quality performance of tasks you receive a certain salary. Additional load is not paid, so defend your rights. How to say no to the boss?

How to say no to the boss?

  • Feel free to talk about workload. The head instructs to perform the task, without delving into what you are doing. Explain that you cannot proceed with the task, because you are preparing a report, prepare documents to the bank, write the procedure. This technique is called "yes, but no". The boss will draw conclusions and assign the task to any employee or release you from current work.
  • Ask questions and clarify. After the chef has requested, specify the details. How urgently you need to complete the task, what result, how important is this thing. Then ask how to deal with the current job. Let the manager evaluate which task is more important and give clear recommendations.

If you have to combine several tasks, ask if the prize is laid. The boss must understand that extra work is paid.

  • Offer another candidate. A boss who took office a week ago will need time to navigate. As a result, an employee who sits side by side or has gained a reputation for being trouble-free will receive strange tasks: make coffee, call a taxi, book train tickets. Tell the manager that you do not perform such functions, but tell me the number of the employee responsible for purchasing tickets or calling a taxi.
  • Ask for help. There are force majeure situations. You summarize the year. And during this period, the legislation has changed and it is necessary to obtain new documents or to re-register references. To say no to the boss in such a situation is stupid. As a specialist, you understand what penalties will follow non-compliance. In this case, you agree, but you need an assistant. Be sure to explain for what purpose a person is needed.

How to say no to the boss?

  • Fight fears. If the fear of losing your job is beyond reliability, then try yourself. To do this, conduct an internal monologue.Make a suggested list of consequences after failure. For each work out the action. If you are fired, then make a resume and send to competing firms. If the manager yells, listen and calmly argue the refusal. So you will overcome fears and be ready for any decision of the head.

Saying “no” to a boss is easier than it seems at first glance. The main thing is to understand why you want to refuse. It's laziness, unwillingness to help the boss, personal dislike for the leader or really a necessity.

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