How to tan with white skin

If you have white skin, then you are not recommended to sunbathe in direct sunlight, it is better to sunbathe in a small shade.
Try to sunbathe in the penumbra before 11:00 in the morning and after 16:00 in the afternoon.
Be sure to wear a hat: a hat with wide floors, a light calico scarf of light shades. And also do not forget to bring sunglasses.
Try to wear lightweight cotton fabric that covers your shoulders and arms well.
Apply a high SPF sunscreen to your skin (an indicator of the intensity of protection from sunlight). Use sunscreen with an SPF index of 15 or higher.
If you are the ownerwhite�skin intensively covered with freckles of various pigmentation, then you need doubly the use of sunscreen! Since your skin is more likely to burn. In case of excessive sun exposure without the use of a special cream, it will acquire not a tan, but a red color.And in many cases, and burn, which is very dangerous for such skin.
Apply the cream to the skin 30 minutes before going to sunny places, as it begins to act after 20 minutes from the time of application.
Try to sunbathe consistently, gradually extending the tanning time every day for 3-5 minutes. Remember that the maximum time to get a tan is targeted for people withwhiteskin�should not exceed 20-30 minutes a day!
Eat foods that contain significant amounts of vitamins C and A.

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