How to take anti-cellulite baths?

Owners of a beautiful body know firsthand that it is necessary to take care of yourself not only on the eve of the beach season or some important celebration, but year round. Then the result will please you. One of the main enemies of smooth, smooth skin is cellulite. Many mistakenly think that he faces only girls who are overweight. But, as it turns out, the “orange peel” can appear even among the skinniest of the fair sex, and the reason is the wrong lifestyle, nutrition and hormonal disorders.

To get rid of these unpleasant changes in your body, you need to reconsider the whole life. And when it comes to procedures that can help, pay attention to anti-cellulite baths. This is one of the most affordable ways to make your body more beautiful.

Pleasant and helpful

Soak in a warm bath, relaxing after a hard day at work, what could be better? And if you do it correctly, the procedure will bring not only pleasure, but also a visible effect for the skin.What happens during this relaxation? First of all, the process of metabolism is accelerated, harmful substances are withdrawn, and the skin becomes purer and visibly rejuvenated.

Many beauty salons and medical centers offer such services on the basis of their establishments, combining procedures with massage. But you can take baths at home.

With salt

Sea salt is the simplest and cheapest supplement that will make the bathing process more enjoyable. You will need to buy a package of finished salt in a pharmacy (about 0.5 kg) and dissolve it in warm water. Session duration - up to 30 minutes.

The benefits lie in the composition of sea salt: silicon, potassium, iodine, magnesium, all these substances are very useful for the body and positively affect the metabolism.

After the procedure, do not forget to take a shower. To make the effect more noticeable, you can add to the salt a little essential oil and 200 ml of freshly brewed green leaf tea.

Soda, please!

Another simple tool that does not have to look, because it certainly is in the kitchen cupboard of every hostess - soda. Influencing the skin, warm water opens the pores, and soda, getting into them, cleanses the excess of sebum and helps in cleansing the lymphatic system.Many experts have proven that this simple product prevents the absorption of fat, removes irritation and tightens the skin.

To take a bath with soda you will need 1 pack of this food (200 g), which needs to be dissolved in 1 liter of water and poured into the bathroom. It is best to perform the procedure at bedtime.

With essential oils

Aromatic oils have unique properties - they remove excess fluid from the body and help to actively burn calories. So that the effect does not keep you waiting, 10 drops will be enough. Suitable oil of orange, bergamot, juniper, pine.

With honey

Bee products - an excellent tool to combat cellulite. Dissolve 200 g of honey in warm water and lie in it for 15-30 minutes. After the procedure, do not use a towel, but carefully wrap yourself in a sheet or a bathrobe. After some time, the skin will become smoother, and the "orange peel" will gradually even out.

For relaxation, one procedure is enough, but if you are determined to get rid of cellulite, then be ready to take a whole course of 15-20 sessions that need to be done every other day. Remember, too, that bathing itself will not have a miraculous effect.They are used as an auxiliary in the complex measures: proper nutrition, active physical activity and rejection of bad habits.

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