How to survive an entrepreneur

To build a profitable business, it is necessary to identify the problem in time and set a goal for yourself. Collect information, write down all the nuances on the cards. Spread out all the cards in front of you to visually cover the entire problem and each of its components. Evaluate each part, eliminate minor, thereby you simplify the problem. So you can set yourself certain tasks, make a plan.
Such work is rarely done by businessmen - usually they do not have a specific plan, are guided by emotions, are inferior to the pressure of circumstances.
After identifying the problem you need to figure out how to solve it. A business may have unprofitable departments, offices, employees. To reduce losses, it is necessary to take the net profit as the main criterion and with its help evaluate the product, personnel, methods of work. Unprofitable departments require reorganization, and personnel - retraining. Efficient workers must be promoted.Popular products should be given special attention.
The following personality traits can be cited as the main components of effective work: diligence, willpower, perseverance, concentration of strength, enthusiasm. Also, no less important: self-control, self-esteem, politeness and honesty.
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Regardless of the economic climate, in order to survive in the market with a small enterprise, you need to surround yourself with agile people and show the qualities of a competent leader.

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