How to succeed in negotiations

The pragmatist Rockefeller recognized the ability to communicate with people as a commodity for which he is willing to pay more than for anything else. The main thing in successfulnegotiations- reaching the necessary agreements. This can be achieved by following certain rules.
Prepare for negotiations carefully. Clearly define their goal: what do you want to achieve as a result of a business meeting? Think about what tools will be used to obtain the desired result. To substantiate your proposals, carefully prepare a base of all necessary arguments. Facts, statistics, references to authoritative opinions, legislative acts and other relevant information will be needed.
In preparation for the negotiations, collect as much information as possible about the partner’s company and its representative - the person with whom you are to have a dialogue, about other persons participating in the meeting.It is important to have an adequate idea of ​​the partner’s identity: his status and reputation, education, interests and even marital status.
This knowledge will help you conduct a business meeting in the same language, know the strengths and weaknesses of the interlocutor, gently and correctly arrange him to yourself, cause sincere trust and eventually come to exactly the agreement that was programmed. Find some of the necessary information on the Internet (assign such a search to your subordinates), and take the necessary contacts with people to prepare for negotiations.
Build the negotiation process in the traditional way. First clarify the views on the problems, the points of view of the participant (participants) of the negotiations on the subject of mutual interest. Consistently discuss the key points of the negotiations, thoughtfully putting forward all the arguments in support of your proposals. Start with simple positions, gradually moving to a discussion of more complex ones. Solving simple questions will demonstrate a reciprocal mindset to achieve complete agreement and will have a positive psychological impact on both sides of the negotiations in the future.
Agree on the positions discussed and work out the planned arrangements. It is useful to remember that the maximum results for both sides of the negotiation process will be provided by the strategy of mutually beneficial cooperation, and not “dragging the blanket over yourself."
At the end of the negotiations, regardless of their outcome, analyze your work with partners during a business meeting. What, in your opinion, managed to do brilliantly, and what was a missed opportunity, and even a mistake? Take for the future partnership work successful discoveries of opponents.

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