How to stretch the ring?

Having received a gift from a dear person in the form of a ring, an unpleasant fact is the incorrectly chosen size of jewelry. And sometimes after a while the favorite object becomes small. Therefore, how to stretch the ring to the desired size, many think.

How to choose the size of the ring

gold ring- one of the most popular gifts that are presented to women. Therefore, the question of selecting a ring is especially relevant for men. They make presents to their other half, it doesn't matterengagement ringor just a beautiful holiday gift. In order that there are no situations where the ring does not fit in size, there are several ways how to choose the size of the ring. Since jewelry cannot be exchanged or returned, it is better to purchase them at once in the required size. How to do it?

It is better that the lady herself was present during the purchase of the gift. So you can not go wrong not only with the size, but with the design. She will be able to choose what she needs. In addition, trying on the decoration on the finger, you certainly do not make a mistake.

The thickness of the fingers on the left and right hand is different!

The first thing you need to know is that the first half of the day is not the best for fitting the rings, since the fingers can swell. And in the evening the swelling subsides, so the decoration may become large, which is also not good. So it will be easy to lose.

The thickness of the fingers changes and a change in temperature, which can occur during:

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Ring sizes

Ring sizes range from 15 to 23. This is the inside diameter. There are also half sizes, for example, 17.5, etc. The decoration should fit perfectly. It should not reap or freely slide on the finger, otherwise the loss is inevitable.

Before you go to the store to buy a ring, find out the exact size, or take the girl with you!

How to stretch the ring at home

But if you still got into an awkward situation, having presented a ring of the wrong size, you will surely ask yourself a question: is it possible to stretch the ring at home? It's not as simple as it seems, which is why the most reliable way to do this is to contact the jewelry shop.The master will be able to use the special technology to increase the size of the ring to the required without any damage.

If you do not want to spoil the decoration, it is better to seek professional help.

Is it possible to stretch a wedding ring

Wedding rings are usually made of gold. And this material is one of the most plastic. Therefore, stretching a wedding ring even for a couple of sizes will not be difficult for a professional jeweler. A wedding ring may become small with time. It is tight and difficult to remove, which gives the owner an unpleasant feeling.

There are 4 ways to stretch the ring:

  1. Roll-out;
  2. Insert piece of metal;
  3. Boring;
  4. Stretching with "Pinocchio".
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Rose gold ring with cubic zirconia, SL;(price by reference)

Complicates the work of the master presence of precious stones on the product. You will need to temporarily delete them. This is done for the purpose that when stretching the product, the stones may become deformed, which will lead to their deterioration. But if they are not there, then the ring is enlarged by means of special techniques, which the master himself chooses, depending on the characteristics of the decoration.If it is too thin, then rolling out the material will not work, since the ring may simply break. To stretch the ring, use the following method.

  1. First, check for any flaws in the product: cracks, chips.
  2. Next, the ring is cut in one place.
  3. The required piece of metal of the same sample and of the same quality is inserted in the place of the cut so that the fragment does not differ in any indicators.
  4. The place of soldering is welded. The seam remains invisible to the naked eye, its thickness does not exceed 0.1 mm.

Another method of how to stretch a ring is boring. The inside of the ring removes excess metal, which allows you to increase the diameter by 0.4 mm. In this case, the visible side remains unchanged, so the processing will be invisible to others.

How to stretch the ring?

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The fourth way - stretching the ring with the help of "Buratino". This is a special cone-shaped device on which the decoration is put. It allows you to increase the product by the size and even more. Before such treatment, the ring must be heated to the required temperature, otherwise a breakdown is inevitable.The decoration is stretched on a cone, while it gradually stretches to the desired diameter.

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