How to stop being jealous of a guy?

“Jealous means love” is the opinion of many people who enjoy watching their partner’s jealousy or deliberately invoking her. Indeed, slight jealousy is pleasant, it shows that the relationship is dear to a man and he would not want to lose them. And what if you are jealous of your partner for any reason and without? This pathological jealousy is not normal, and its roots lie in your self-esteem and in your attitude primarily towards yourself, and only then towards your partner. Talk about how to stop being jealous of a guy.

How to get rid of jealousy?

Jealousy is a proprietary feeling associated with selfishness, low self-esteem, distrust, and a feeling of insecurity in a partner. Let us consider in more detail these causes and ways of correction in each case.


The partner in this case is unconsciously perceived as property. In this case, you want to manage a person, decide with whom, when and how much time he spends. Many pathological jealous people dream of attaching a partner to themselves, limiting their communication with the opposite sex, as well as with relatives and friends.The result of such a relationship is sad: the partner runs from the jealous man so that the heels sparkle. And all because you need to perceive your boyfriend as a person, not to indicate with whom and how to communicate, give freedom, recognize his right to personal time and space. This should be both partners.

Just imagine such a situation: you will sit next to each other, as glued, not communicating with anyone else, not resting from each other; the result - the relationship "wither", lose their taste, you will be bored. Either one of the partners wants to escape from the shackles of such a union, or both decide that this cannot continue.

Low self-esteem

Most often they are jealous of girls who believe that they are not good enough for their partners. For example, jealousy suffers from girls who believe that they are not beautiful, sexy, intelligent or interesting. The feeling of jealousy is exacerbated when the partners in the couple are strikingly different from each other: he is beautiful, the pet of women; she is quiet and modest, with a normal appearance. It is necessary to determine in which particular moment you assess yourself low, to understand whether this is a real assessment or imaginary, and if it’s real, then work on yourself to get rid of the complex.

Distrust and lack of confidence in a partner

One of the most frequent causes of female jealousy.It's hard not to be jealous of a guy who likes many, flirts right and left, who you still don't know well, and so on. But in each case you can still cope with jealousy.

  • If your boyfriend is attractive to many, then he is most likely aware of this. Perhaps, if you are also dear to him, he even allows from time to time to provoke jealousy in you, to make sure that you still love him. To stop being jealous, talk to the guy, explain that his behavior is unpleasant to you, that it pushes you away from him, and as a result your relationship deteriorates. Ask to be restrained against other girls, not to give cause for jealousy. If he values ​​your relationship, he will accept your request and will comply. If not, draw your own conclusions.
  • The feeling of insecurity is often present in new, just-started relationships. Do not show your jealousy, you still know your partner. Better work on strengthening relationships. When the relationship becomes stronger, the feeling of jealousy will evaporate itself.
  • Jealousy after treason - this is partly justified jealousy. How to trust someone who has already betrayed once? Yes, it is difficult, but you need to try to overcome yourself,begin to trust, because without trust relationships are good and long will not.
  • Jealousy for friends, acquaintances, ex. Each of us has our own story, and if your boyfriend is not a young teenager, then he probably already had a relationship, just like you. You just need to understand that the past is in the past, and it makes no sense to be jealous of him. As for friends and girlfriends - well, what will you do to protect the guy from them? Communication with them is normal, just like your communication with your familiar men, friends, colleagues, etc.

The conclusion is simple: in order not to be jealous of a guy, you need to love yourself, develop high self-esteem and build strong and good relationships with a partner.

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