How to shoot a bandicam?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
April 15, 2015
How to shoot a bandicam?

The Bandicam application was created in order to record on the video any events that occur on the monitor screen, including any programs. Then we will explain how to shoot a video with a bandikik and what should be taken into account.

How to shoot a bandicam

Recording videos with a bandikik program is pretty easy. When installed, bandits modify registry data and intercept the video stream displayed on the computer monitor. In addition, it records sound from devices that the user specifies. Since bandits make changes to registry data, your antivirus may prevent it from doing so. Therefore, it is recommended to disable the antivirus while the bandikam is running or at least for the time it is installed.

After installing the bandikam, in its settings you need to specify what to shoot and from which sources to take the sound for recording. Other settings should be left as default.

Before you start shooting, make sure that there is enough space on your hard drive to save it. Also, check if all the hotkeys work correctly.

After all the settings have been made, you can proceed to the very process of recording video on bandits.

  • Most often, bandits are used to record video games. If you are not an exception, choose Direct X / Open GL mode. It is used to videotape games and video players that work with Direct X. Then start the game or another video player you are using and click the Rec button on the keyboard. The write process is running.
  • If you need to make a video of a specific area of ​​the screen, then select the "Screen area" mode, adjust the size of the window you want to record and also press the Rec button. After the end of the recording, you can find the video on the "C" drive in the Users / "Username" / Documents / Bandicam folder. This is where it is saved by default.

And finally, we note that you can download Bandicam for free.

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