How to sew a doll dress

Sewing a dress for a doll with your own hands photo

Sewing a dress for a doll



Does your child have a favorite doll, and is there only one dress for the doll? Deliver the child the joy, sew a new thing to the doll. We will understand step by step what we need to sew a beautiful dress to the doll ourselves.


You will need:doll, fabric, thread, needles

1) Doll clothes are sold in stores, but there it is very expensive. If you know how to sew at least a little, you can try to sew the dress yourself. It is not difficult at all. Matter will need a little effort, too, but you will please your child with a new dress for a doll.

2) Measure the doll to find out how much fabric you need. As a basis, you can take the dress pattern for an adult, reducing it several times. Cut out all the details, bait them. It's better to do the digging deeper, because the doll is not a person, it can not bend a hand when they dress it. After baiting, try on a dress, adjust the length of the sleeves and skirts. Now you can sew.

3) Find tiny buttons, decorate them with a dress. Sew on pockets, cut out a belt with long ends.Sweep the belt around the perimeter, tie the doll on the back with a beautiful lush bow. If you have a piece of stiff organza, you can make a petticoat for the dress. Then the dress will lie down in the classic large waves and will have a more elegant look.

Think with your child how to decorate a dress for a doll. You can use beads, sequins, beads, you can even paint a dress with colors for fabric, depicting a pattern to your liking. Imagine with your child, and soon you will sew the doll a whole wardrobe! If the fabric is still left, you can sew a jacket for the doll to the dress.

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