How to send a link?

Vladislav Meriin
Vladislav Meriin
January 17, 2013
How to send a link?

On the Internet there is a lot of interesting and useful content. Sometimes it is much easier to send a link to a friend to interesting information instead of copying it from the site and forwarding it in other ways. How to send a link as convenient as possible?


The easiest way to send a link to a friend is email. So, you can insert links to the necessary resources or pages in the body of the letter, which will allow your friend to quickly go to them.

Most modern email services support simple link insertion. That is, you just copy it from the address bar of the browser, then paste into the letter and it will become “clickable”, that is, after clicking on it, the necessary page will automatically open.

If you type the address of the site or page manually, the link will not work that way. To fix this, try writing http: // or www at the beginning of the link.That is, instead of you need to write or After that, the link will be clickable.

You can also link to specific words in a letter. To do this, select them and click on the "Insert Link" toolbar, and then indicate the address of the desired page in the window. If your mail supports the use of html-tags, then you can insert a link like this: the words to which you link the link.


It is much easier for users of this social network to send a link to a friend. But it is not as easy to do as we would like, so many questions arise.

Before you send the link to Odnoklassniki, you need to download a special software that allows you to do this. One such program is GF Tools. It is completely free and very easy to use. You can also simply paste the link text into a message that you send to another user. It can be placed in the message on the wall.

In contact with

Questions about how to send a link Vkontakte, usually does not arise. This site supports the insertion of links in messages, and they automatically become “clickable”.

When sending a link in a message to a friend, be sure to write a few words about what you are sending, otherwise the message may go to the Spam folder and the friend will not see it.

Also the link can be inserted into the status and messages on the wall. In this case, the link will also be “clickable” for all users. When inserting a link to a wall, the script of the site will automatically show the first image from the page referenced, as well as a few lines of text from it.

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