How to send a beeline beacon

How to send a beeline with photo

How to send a beeline beacon

We send the indicator from Beeline

When there is not enough money in the account, there is no possibility to replenish it, but you need to make an urgent call, then you can send a beacon on Beeline or make a call at the expense of the interlocutor. Beeline subscribers have the opportunity to send a beacon from the biline with a request to call back not only within the network, but also to other subscribers of any Russian operators: Megafon, MTS, Tele2 and others.


This service is provided to absolutely all subscribers of the Beeline network, it does not need to be connected, somehow configured. The beacon can be sent both in the home region and in roaming. However, it is worth noting that incoming calls are paid when roaming, so in any case the money must be on the subscriber’s account in order to receive the call.


How to send a beeline beacon



To send a beacon from the biline, just dial the necessary command: * 144 * subscriber number #, then press the call button.


An SMS will be sent to the indicated number containing the text: "This subscriber asks you to call him back."Also, sms will be notified and the message has been delivered. You can enter the subscriber number in any format: 905ХХХХХХХ, + 7905ХХХХХХХ, 7905ХХХХХХХ or 8905ХХХХХХХ.


When sending a biline beacon it is worth considering that it can be done no more than ten times a day. In order not to forget the command how to reset the beacon from Beeline, you can write it in the contacts of the phone. The service “Call at the expense of the interlocutor” is also available to subscribers of the Beeline network. This service, as well as the beacon, is free and possible for all subscribers; you do not need to connect it. However, you can call this way only to other subscribers of this network. Therefore, to request a call back to MTS and Megaphone subscribers will need to send a beacon.


How can I call a Beeline subscriber at the expense of the interlocutor



To make a call at the expense of the interlocutor dial the command: 05050 phone number Beeline (dial without spaces), then press the call. The phone number of the called subscriber must be specified without 8. For example, to call 89600000000, you need to dial 050509600000000. The subscriber receives a call announcing that they want to have a conversation at his expense, if he agrees, then you are connected.If he refuses, you will receive a rejection notice. Call at the expense of the subscriber on the Beeline can be no more than five times a day. This service can only be used within the home network. If the subscriber makes an attempt to call from the interlocutor in roaming, or to a subscriber of another network, in this case the "Call me" beacon will be sent.

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