How to sculpt from plasticine?

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How to sculpt from plasticine?

Plasticine is an excellent material for creativity. With it, you can create all sorts of figures and details. In addition, on the basis of plasticine products, various natural patterns can be explained to children in a game form. Getting started, take care of the workplace and materials: it is better if it is a special board for modeling, clay, stacks or plastic knives.

Below are step-by-step instructions that will help you learn how to sculpt various figures.

How to sculpt from plasticine pony

To make a pony you will need several shades of plasticine, for example, pink, purple, tea rose and black. Making a pony happens like this:

  1. Take the color of tea rose plasticine and, slightly stretching it in your hands, roll a thick “sausage” for the body, a small cone for the neck and a head ball.
  2. Connect the neck and torso, carefully smoothing the attachment point. You also need to attach the head to the rest of the figure, stretching the "front part" slightly forward, forming the pony's face.
  3. Make the legs of the horse in the form of elongated truncated cones. To make them stronger, you can stick clay on trimming straws for cocktails or matches. Violet plasticine roll small ovals and attach them, marking hoofs. Attach the legs to the body of the pony.
  4. From white plasticine make oval cakes for the eyes, and make pupils of blue balls. Roll up the small thin strips for eyelashes, attach them to the eyes. Another of the purple piece make triangular ears and secure them to the crown. Cut the mouth of the animal in a stack.
  5. It remains to roll thin purple long "sausages". Decorate them with the mane and pony tail.
  6. The figure is ready, if desired, it can be varnished or immediately proceed to the game.

You can mold various animals from plasticine, for example, about making a cat, see the article How to make a cat from plasticine.

How to sculpt from plasticine Smesharikov

The basis of these characters will be pieces of plasticine of spherical shape of different colors. And with the help of the details you will be able to make the characters very recognizable.


  1. A spherical body, hare ears, long cone-shaped arms and legs-balls are sculpted from blue plasticine. Connect the details. SmallFrom plasticineTurn the white balls into cakes and make the rabbit big eyes and small black pupils.
  2. Put a red ball between the eyes - this is the nose.
  3. Use a knife to draw a widely smiling mouth, and cut out small squares for front teeth from white plasticine.


  1. Attach round white eyes with small black pupils to a dark pink ball-torso.From plasticine
  2. Roll thin "sausages" from brown plasticine and attach them around the circumference of the eyes - these will be the character's glasses, also make the glasses points.
  3. Decorate needles on the character’s back with blue or purple cones.
  4. Make the character's paws, marking the fingers with the stack. She also draw the mouth of the Hedgehog.


  1. Girl smesharik light pink shade. She has a penny, which can be molded in the form of buttons, large round eyes, as well as eyelashes.
  2. Handles-legs roll it out of the "sausages", cutting through the middle of the stack slit -From plasticinehooves
  3. Flatten two balls of red color on the top of the figurine, and add 4 more balls on top of each other, slightly flattening them. Stick to the top of the pyramid a few strips of the same color. You got a playful pigtail.
  4. Nyusha's mouth mark a small arc of red clay.

Similarly, other cartoon characters are performed.

How to sculpt from plasticine dragon

To make a funny dragon do the following:

  1. From the green clay mold torso drop-shaped. Roll a long “sausage” of bright orange color and cut it into small oblong pieces. Put them on the belly of the dragon.From plasticine
  2. Make the tail of the dragon in the form of a pyramid and attach to the design. Paws are made in the form of triangles, in the wide part are notched with a knife. You can also make your nails by rolling small balls and attaching them to your fingers and toes.
  3. Roll the head in the form of a ball, stretch it forward, cut it with a knife and slightly move part of the clay below, filling out the lower jaw.
  4. Make large bulging eyes and pierce two nostrils with a match. Attach also triangular orange ears.
  5. Roll a long orange “sausage” and wrap it with a yellow flat cake. Cut the workpiece across into small pieces. Arrange the teeth out of the circles and set them along the back and the tail of the dragon.

How to sculpt ice cream from plasticine

Plasticine can also mold the most varied food. If you want to make ice cream, do the following:How to sculpt ice cream from plasticine

  • Roll out a large brown cake and roll it into a horn;
  • In the resulting cone, you can fold ice cream balls of different colors, add thin strips of cinnamon sticks. Include fantasy.

In addition, plasticine can fashion a human figure.

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